Love this juicer January 10, 2020
Reviewer: Cheryl Sharps from Albuquerque, NM

This is my 2nd juicer. My 1st was the SlowStar Vertical. After looking at John's video reviews, I decided to "upgrade", and I am so happy I did. This new juicer is solidly built, super easy to clean, and has yielded a good amount. I have had virtually no clogging. With the old juicer, I had more instances where I had to reverse and unclog. The screen is so easy to clean with the Omega; that was not the case with the old juicer where pulp would clog up the holes in the screen. Anyway, just love this new Omega juicer, and I'm super satisfied with it! I notice the difference, and this Omega is the better one to me.

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