a workhorse!!! February 16, 2017
Reviewer: Janet Y A Customer from San Antonio, Texas

I juice daily, my celery first, orange juice next for my smoothie, vegetable juice next. Then I run water through it to help clean it before I take it apart to clean. Now here is the best part. If I don't have time to take apart and clean after these 3 juices, I just pour in water into the bowl while running up to the line. Turn off. Let it sit in the water until I get home from work and after dinner, drain it while running, then disassemble, wash and get it ready for the next day of juicing. So far its always clean when done. since I juice the celery alone and the citrus alone, this juicer does exactly what I need it to do. sometimes it gets a tight seal and I can not open the top but I put it into reverse/forward to break the air tight seal so I can get the top off. When I make coconut milk, with the coconut fat in the juicer when I finish, it will also make a tight seal. Solution for me: get a bit of warm water with a drop of dawn, pour it in the running juicer, and it will release the seal and I can get the top off to clean. All is good. Just a little patience and done. An excellent purchase especially with the 15 year warranty

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