Co wouldn't honor warrantee November 13, 2011
Reviewer: Theodore Zuckerman from Long Island, NY

The device came with a 7 year warrantee. It worked very nicely for a few weeks. Then the middle cast-iron piece, the one that holds the reamer, broke into 2 pieces, at the point where there is a hole in it, for the vertical post to go through. I wrote the company several times and I have been unable to get a replacement part or replacement unit. First time they said there is a supply shortage and they'll send a new one or new part as soon as they have one. Last time they said please send us a picture of the broken part and we'll send you a new part or new unit right away. I sent them a picture. They wrote back saying they are out of stock and will send a part as soon as one comes in. This has been going on for seven years and I still don't have a working unit.

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