Best Juicer Available! November 20, 2017
Reviewer: Dennis W from Bay Area, California

First of all, beware of any negative reviews like the one by Ralph Stinson from Seattle. He most likely is a person who works or is affiliated with Norwalk. When you read the review you can tell for yourself it is, no details on why the machine didn't live up to their expectations. Also Norwalk has been trying to prevent people from writing reviews on the Pure who own both the Norwalk and the Pure. Reason being is the Pure is much much better and addresses issues that Norwalk failed to get right, all they had to do was listen to the customer!

So getting on with my review. I own a Norwalk 280 with the updated 290 Feed Chute that's offset. First of all the straight feed chute was a mess. Splatter and frustration. Secondly, I had to replace the pulley system and belt to make the Norwalk perform as it should. WIthout a Vbelt pulley system the belt slips and won't allow you to press as much pressure by the hydraulic system. I also replaced the bottom plate of the juicer since these have been known to break. I also replaced the press plate that was waffle cast aluminum that breaks and has broke on people in the past. Norwalk, instead of fixing it said not to press more than 10 seconds! Crazy. Well with my upgrades I can press as long as I want and get the best performance and reliability finally, but I had to modify it! I then bought the 290 offset feed tube since the splatter was annoying. Looked great, but I found it was more difficult to feed my carrots and produce in. I looked closer, the tube is offset away from the blade in this hack of a design. It wasn't done correctly. Also what the heck, you can't take the tube off unless you have some kids toy wrench that is only thing that can take it off. Bad, very bad! Before they had wing-nuts, something you'd put together in your garage type deal, but this is a consumer product, so why? Wing nuts at least didn't need a special tool. So speaking of, with the 290, you don't have the 10 second rule. Why? They reduced the pressure of the press, so you are not getting the original performance of the 280, but reduced. So my 280 + the 290 feed tube was way better of a machine than the 290.

So after owning the Norwalk 280 and moving up to the Pure I was happy I did. First of all, the feed tube comes off without any special tools. Can be removed with one hand! The grid tray and grids are professional and what you'd expect from a top notch consumer product. The machine has a serrated and medical quality stainless steel composition, so all quality there. I juice greens and carrots, beets, spinach, etc, and I have had zero heat issues. The machine has no crazy crevices for juice to hide inside. The Pure has outlets on the bottom of the juicer so if there is a juice mess, it comes out, not hidden inside the machine as what happens with the Norwalk. The pressing power is crazy insane with the Pure, your pulp is so dry you can practically light it on fire with a lighter. The machine is a pure work of beauty too and it was very well thought out. Juice that comes out of it is top notch, best I have. I juice every day with it. I also press almonds to make almond milk and loving that too. Great machine to support a very healthy lifestyle. It won't let you down that's for sure and is built to last. Customer support is excellent with Pure. Quick response that is professional via the FaceBook Pure Group, via the Pure email contact, or phone number. That says a good bit about the company. And when you talk to them you can clearly tell they are passionate about the machine and about juicing.

As for the machine being made in China, I personally try to support companies that make products in the USA. However, I hate supporting companies that don't listen to customers and fail to innovate and evolve with the times like Norwalk has clearly shown. I do thank Norwalk for having the 2 stage juicer, but feel they feel asleep at the wheel with their hands covering both their eyes and ears. I work in high tech, in quality assurance and an engineer. Today you can achieve excellent quality and craftsmanship from China or any other country as long as you monitor the quality of the parts being made and the parts coming from the vendors. Read up on Edward Deming sometime to learn about this. Recall the USA made cars in the 70s? Buy American right, why? It was pure junk they were making and the Japanese listened to Edward Deming, what happened next was a higher quality car that was cheaper and far better than the American cars. And today they still surpass the US in that. Also for a single person to enter a market to create a juicer is not easy. Cost of creating a concept alone is overbearing in the US. Starting up and incubating a concept in China, monitoring it and making changes to make it better, test, more tests, and feedback, and more tests is what it takes. The goal is to make a product that is at the highest quality but at the lowest price possible. And that is what Pure did. Pure listened to the customers and accepted the challenge. The result was this amazing juicer. I support anyone who has an entrepreneur attitude who listens to customers, strives to innovate and continuing improving a product to make it work anyway they can to bring it to market. Making products in China today does not reflect something bad, look at the Apple products! Designed in California, USA but made in China. This is the times people, not seeing this evolving in front of your eyes really holds you down to what's really happening around you, a true global market where the overall winner is the customer!

I highly recommend this Juicer to anyone who is serious about juicing. Its a juicer of a lifetime and a beautiful work of art made by a company who takes pride in craftsmanship and quality.

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