The Juicer I Wish I had 50 Yrs Ago! November 15, 2021
Reviewer: Gary H from Orlando, FL

Hey John,
I made my first juice with the Sana this afternoon. Normally, that would be nothing to write home about. This juicer made it worth a few comments. I am almost 71 years old. I have had a LOT of juicers over the years. My first was a Jack LaLane juicer that was advertised on tv. It cost $39.95. The next one was an Omega high speed centrifugal juicer. Cleaning that was a nightmare. From there I got a variable-speed Breville. Two of them, actually, when the first one burned out while under warranty. After those juicers, I got an Omega vertical slow speed. I still have that one.
Then I bought a Nama Vitality. If you recall, I called this one a P.O.S. My wife has a Green Power Gold twin screw. That one makes good juice, but cleaning it is a major undertaking. That brings me to the Sana 727. I decided to give it a good workout. I prepped carrots, celery, ginger, apple, zucchini, a lemon, a lime, a handful of parsley, a green pepper, a half of an English cucumber, a head of romaine, and 6 cherry tomatoes. I juiced everything on the lowest speed, then turned the juicer up to the highest speed at the very end, in order to push the last of the pulp through the machine. When I have made a juice like this in the past, I needed to add lemon juice, Worcestershire, and Green Tabasco. But this juice? The flavor was intense. No lemon juice needed. No Tabasco sauce. No Worcestershire. The lemon taste and tartness came through, but so did almost everything else. The juice was delicious. And the Sana produced about 20% more of it than the Nama. This, John, is the juicer I wish I could have purchased 50 years ago. I'm really glad I saw your video that put it against the new Nama juicer. I knew I was going to like the Sana. I just didn't know how much I was going to love it.
Tomorrow I will begin a 60 day juice fast (already approved by my doctor). I am really looking forward to it with this new Sana 727 in my kitchen. Thanks for your review, John. And thanks for the help getting the machine registered, Tim. I am a happy camper. Kind regards,

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