Very impressed! August 29, 2013
Reviewer: Don B. from Louisiana

Just a few words about the SLOWSTAR, First I'm very impressed. As I was used to a high speed spinner, which was OK for the time, the SLOWSTAR is a world above. The juice is far superior even with the pulp which really isn't that bad. Now there is a small gasket within the auger housing that will collect debris but just use the cleaning tool that is supplied and no problem. This machine juices leafy greens with little or no effort. It will actually pull down carrots from the feeding chute, but be warned don't force it. The motor is quite and strong, main body is easy to clean, on/off button is protected with a covering, the filter screen is a little to fine for me so I don't use it (a little pulp never killed anyone), and the double edged auger gets the job done. I'm glad I purchased this machine. And lastly, I'm also impressed with DISCOUNT JUICERS; with their fast service, and with John's knowledge, spirit and passion for health (just had to add that). Thanks

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