Leaks February 8, 2014
Reviewer: Mark and Michelle from Northern California

Great features, and makes superb juice and frozen sorbet, but it leaks! Just about every time we make juice, especially when juicing leafy greens, a huge puddle of juice seeps out of the bottom, eventually working its way into the motor area. Over time the stench has begun to grow. (We have had this for 6 months and use it daily.) We find that if we juice softer items such as fruit first, there is less leakage, and when we juice all fruit, there is no leakage. This is a design flaw stemming from the rubber gasket that serves as the only barrier between the juice and the shaft of the juicer. Last time we called, the manufacturer had no fix for this.

They did however have a fix for the other major design flaw. The clear housing unit and screen did not fit together properly. Also the main drive gear from the motor (white plastic) rubbed against the bottom of the clear housing unit causing heat, engine drag, and an intermittent piercing loud grating noise. The manufacturer did send a newly designed housing unit and screen which solved this problem.

There is a lot to like about the SlowStar, but as with any new model, the first buyers are purchasing a less tested product, and this was definitely the case with us. All in all the juice quality and features would make this a 5 star, but the design problems make it a 2.5 star overall.

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