The BEST Cleaning Tip I Found! December 16, 2021
Reviewer: Judi from Midwest

I tried PBW to see if it would remove caked on cement-like, brown looking residue off my Slowstar juicer parts (bowl, screen, wiper, and auger). It WORKED! I mixed it up full strength, equivalent of 4 ounces of PBW to 1 gallon of water (I used reverse osmosis water since it had no minerals in it...I figured the PBW might work better that way). I soaked the parts overnight and this morning the cement-like residue flaked off. Some with my finger, some with the help of my fingernail, some with the gentle help of a flat-head screw driver. This is astounding to me because I have been soaking the same parts in a half/half solution of white vinegar and reverse osmosis water 24/7 for days (except when I was using the juicer). The vinegar solution DID make progress, but it was painfully slow and the cement-like residue on the screen would not budge, even with a screw driver. The PBW sped up the process immensely. So, as far as I'm concerned, it's hand's down the winner over vinegar/water solution for removing residue off juicer parts. Afterwards, of course, wash the parts well in hot soapy water so there is no chemical left on the parts when you go to use the juicer. Know that I have ALWAYS washed my juicer immediately after using it in hot, soapy water. Despite that, the residue slowly crept up over time (4 years since I bought the juicer). It was to the point that it was getting hard to put the parts together to actually use the machine, and with the screen so clogged, it wasn't working well...always got jammed up with pulp. Now, the parts fit together very easily, without issue. And the juicer is performing much better. I'm still soaking the screen, wiper, and auger in PBW today to get the small amount of remaining residue off the parts. I'm sold on this stuff and will continue to use it periodically on my juicer parts to keep the residue from building up again. I hope this helps others out there who have been struggling to get the residue off of juicer parts.

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