not as versatile as they claim November 15, 2005
Reviewer: oranges and bananas from

I had SoloStar I for 6 months and have been juicing every day one or two times.

The cleaning is not that hard - it takes me 3 minutes total to disasemble, rinse, brush the screen, and reasemble.

The juicer can juice well only fruits veggies and greens with a HIGH FIBER CONTENT, for example baby carrots, celery, green peppers.

Most apples I tried to juice are turned into puree. If you try to strain that, you loose almost all the juice. Spinach is turned into puree too.

I am thinking of buying centrifugal juicer that will do better with apples. If I had the choice, I wouldn't waste my money on SoloStar I again.

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