Best juice I've had so far March 9, 2006
Reviewer: Randall from Cali

Overall this is a very good juicer. With a different plunger, one could do some serious juicing with it. The plunger they include is a hollow peice of some of some cheapo red plastic that looks like some kid's toy...pretty worthless. The funnel is made from the same crummy material but I use both the plunger and funnel that came with my Champion instead. With this set up, I can juice whatever I need to. The pulp regulation mechanism leaves alot to be desired (the pulp could be alot drier). This is somewhat offset by the fact that you can reclycle the pulp and press it as many time as you want though. It can get a bit time consuming, but the juice is the best ever. Like I said, I have a Champion and did have a Green Star (which wasn't all that it was literally CRACKED UP to be) and of all of them, the juice from the B2B is by far the very best. So while this juicer could afford a few improvements, (which is why they came out with the Hurricane Juicer) it is alot better than much of what is on the market today.

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