Love the Blender and Customer Service July 21, 2014
Reviewer: Josh Gill from West Palm Beach

Let me start by saying that John was very helpful during the process of purchasing our new Vitamix Blender. I had a problem with one of my credit cards and john was very patient till I got the issue resolved. Then the blender came very quickly and we have been using it for a couple days and it is a HUGE difference from the old Ninja blender we used to have. I went to the garden and got tons of greens and some mangos and it blended them into a wonderful smoothy no problem and no tiny pieces like the old Ninja used to leave. It also has the ability to make hot soup right in the blender due the the friction of the blades if you let it keep blending something for about 5-6 minutes it actually warms up and steam comes out. Never expected that ability. All in all very happy and glad we bought from

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