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Aerogarden Kitchen Garden Appliance in BLACK
By AeroGrow  (Click here for the Aerogarden, in white)

Aerogrow Kitchen Garden Appliance
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The AeroGarden Allows You to Harvest Delicious, Garden-Fresh Herbs,  Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers Indoors, Year-Round
The AeroGarden™, is the world’s first kitchen garden appliance that allows you – even “brown thumbs” with no gardening experience – to simply, conveniently and affordably grow healthy and delicious Farmer’s Market Fresh™ herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and more, all year-round, right on your kitchen countertop, without dirt, bugs, weeding or mess.

The AeroGarden uses NASA-proven*, high-yield aeroponic technology and built-in grow lights to create a self-watering, self-feeding, fully automated indoor garden that grows healthier plants up to 5 times faster than plants grown in soil.  

Roots in the Air
Aeroponics, directly translated as “air working,” is a high-tech improvement over hydroponics, where roots are suspended in air instead of in soil or water.  Although it sounds like science fiction, it’s a technology with ancient history dating back to the time of the pyramids.  One of the earliest examples was the Babylonians who created a verdant oasis of cascading gardens known as The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, by utilizing complex chain pumps, manually operated around the clock to deliver nutrient-rich water from the Euphrates River.

This ancient technology, refined and improved through the years, is now used commercially worldwide and is featured at “The Land” exhibit at Walt Disney World® Resort – Epcot® Center.  AeroGrow International is the first company to convert this high-yield agri-technology into a low-cost, easy-to-use consumer product.

The AeroGarden uses patent-pending “rainforest-in-a-box” technology, where plant roots are grown directly into the air in a 100% humid, oxygen-rich environment with a consistent, nourishing rainfall of organic-based nutrients – with no dirt, pesticides or soil contaminants.  This oxygen-rich “aeroponic” delivery results in stunning growth rates up to five times faster than plants grown in soil.

Fast, Foolproof and Fully Automated
The AeroGarden’s simple, “plug and grow” system guarantees 100% germination and gardening success. The AeroGarden is easy to set up in under 10 minutes, often germinates seeds in less than 24 hours, and can go from “seed to salad” in as little as two and a half weeks. The rapid re-growth generates continual, ongoing daily harvests for months.

Extensive consumer testing has made The AeroGarden so simple that anyone, from brown-thumbed dreamers to experienced master gardeners, can use it to grow successfully all year-round. The “plug and grow” bio-dome seed pods are simply dropped into the system, water and time-release nutrient tablets are added, and the fully automated “smart” garden takes care of the rest, automatically adjusting the integrated grow lights and nutrient delivery cycles to maximize plant growth and health.

The Aerogarden comes with the Salad Greens Seed kit.   The Aerogarden uses special AeroGarden Growing kits that come with a 100% germination guarantee.  Current Kits include:

  • Gourmet Herb Seed Kit
  • Salad Greens Seed Kit
  • Cherry Tomato Seed Kit
  • international Basil Seed Kit
  • Chili Pepper Seed Kit
  • Cascading Petunias Seed Kit
  • New Seed Kits being added all the time.

More than a dozen additional seed kits are in development, including fresh strawberries, Italian herbs, French herbs, Asian herbs, pesto basil, baby bell peppers, a salsa kit that grows tomatoes, jalapeños and cilantro, and wildflowers.    Kits are available separately from the manufacturer.

harvestingherbs.jpg (9749 bytes)
Harvest your plants continually for months

Seven Reasons why People love the Aerogarden

  • Garden all year round
  • Fresh homegrown herbs and vegetables, right in your kitchen
  • Revolutionary aeroponic technology--plants grow in air and water, not dirt
  • Plug-and-grow simple--100 percent success guaranteed
  • Easy, no-mess seed starting for transplanting into outdoor gardens
  • Convenient, no-mess, hassle-free growing
  • Organic-based, timed-release nutrient tablets for healthier plants
michaelb.jpg (7560 bytes)“The high-yield potential of aeroponics made it possible to create an attractive, affordable countertop appliance that could do the work of a small garden, right inside the home.”
-M. Bissonnette, CEO Aerogrow.
Aeroponic Features:
  • Aerogarden garden kit grows lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, and more
  • Organic-based, 100% natural tool requires no dirt or natural light; grows 5 times faster than soil
  • Includes the AeroGarden, 2 daylight spectrum bulbs, pre-seeded bio-dome grow pod, time release nutrients, and tending and harvesting guide with recipes
  • Self-monitoring system adjusts for best growing conditions
  • Automatic alerts notify when more water or nutrients are needed
Aerogarden whats in the boxWhat's Included in the Aerogarden kit?

1. Built-in plant-lighting system
• The full-daylight-spectrum, energy-efficient grow lights allow you to grow anywhere with no natural sunlight needed.

2. Aeroponic optimizing chamber
• Creates a near-perfect rainforest growing environment.

3. Computerized "smart" garden technology
• Built-in microprocessor automatically adjusts nutrient delivery, light cycles, and water for specific plant types
• Built-in light timer turns lights on and off
• Built-in reminder system automatically alerts you to add water and nutrients

The Gourmet Herb Kit is included with this AeroGrow..   It contains a festive variety of colorful herbs including:
Cilantro, Chives, Italian Basil, Red Rubin Basil, Dill, Mint and  Parsley.

A. Preseeded bio-dome seed pods
• Enclosed in their own mini-greenhouse for ultra-fast germination

B. Timed-release nutrient tablets
• Perfect plant nutrition with 85 macronutrients and micronutrients for optimal plant health.

C. Tending and harvesting guide with recipes
• Walks you through everything you need to know to grow and harvest your plants, as well as tips and recipes for enjoying your harvests.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is aeroponics?
Aeroponics is a dirt-free growing method in which plant roots are suspended in air within a 100 percent humidity, highly oxygenated growing chamber. Because the roots are bathed with ideal levels of nutrients, water, and oxygen, plants grow significantly faster, are healthier, and have a higher nutrient content than plants grown in soil.

How big is the AeroGarden?
The AeroGarden has the footprint of a breadbox and is sized to fit conveniently under most cabinets. The AeroGarden measures 16 inches long by 10 1/2 inches wide by 15 1/2 inches high when it is first set up with the lights at the lowest possible setting, and 21 inches high at the highest level. Currently the AeroGarden comes in only one size.

What can I grow?
Salad greens, gourmet herbs, chili peppers, cherry tomatoes, cascading petunias, and several types of basil.

Can I grow using my own seeds?
The Aerogarden has been designed to work with special seed kits that have been optimized for growing in the Aerogarden.  For optimal results, these seed kits must be used.

How much time do I need to spend taking care of my AeroGarden?
Approximately 5 minutes a month. You will need to occasionally add water, drop in two nutrient tablets, and provide minimal tending to your plants. Most of your time will be spent harvesting and enjoying delicious, fresh food.

How long can the AeroGarden be left unattended? What if I travel a lot?
A planted AeroGarden can be left unattended for up to two weeks, depending on the type of plants you are growing and their maturity.

What kind of light bulbs does it use?
The AeroGarden uses full-spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs exclusively designed for the optimal amount and type of light needed for robust, healthy plant growth.

When can I begin harvesting?
You can begin to harvest lettuce grown in your Aerogarden in as little as 3 weeks!   You pick off the outer leaves, and the plants continue to grow new inner leaves, this way you can continue to harvest these plants for several months!

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