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Satisfied Customers

We just wanted to say thanks for all you do. Thanks to your super informative videos we were able to find the juicer that worked best for us, the VSJ843. After waiting and waiting for them to come back in stock (and resisting the temptation to buy one on amazon) we were able to buy it from you a couple months ago. We are so happy with it! it makes the best tasting, cool and not super beat up juice! A real step up from my 25 year old Champion. You have said in your videos that the best juicer is the one you will use and we have been using it every day. So again, THANK YOU! Your work of demystifying the world of juicers in video format has helped us tremendously! Best, Kirk and Gaby

I just want to express my gratitude towards you for all the work that you do. Your YouTube videos are awesome ! They immensely helped me to make an informed decision on which juicer to purchase. I ended up deciding on the Slowstar SW-2020 and purchased one from your online store. About a year ago my wife purchased an Aicok horizontal slow juicer. It got used here and there but eventually ended up in the cabinet. I used to have some pretty serious digestive problems along with one surgically repaired inguinal hernia and one not. It got so bad I started to change my diet and juicing was something that kept popping up in my research. So I took the Aicok juicer out and started juicing. It didn't take long for me to realize that it wasn't going to be able to keep up with the level of juicing I was doing. It was taking me over 2 hours to make 4 18oz bottles of juice with preparation, juicing, and clean up. The Slowstar greatly reduced my time and made a much better juice. The very fir st juice I made was the pineapple,orange, and celery juice you made in one of your Slowstar YouTube videos. The Slowstar has been a great performer and now I look forward every day to making juice and trying new recipes and even experimenting with different combinations. I feel much better now health wise. My digestive problems are completely gone and I have been loosing weight. I thank you John for all the information you put out there. It has greatly helped me to adopt a far more healthy lifestyle. I look forward to making more purchases from your online store. - TH, Seattle, WA

Dear John, The Omega Juicer VSJ843RS arrived yesterday afternoon and later I made my first juice with it which was surprisingly fresh and sweet. I am 75 years old and other than a small extractor for oranges, this is my first juicer. I had been searching off and on for weeks, debating with myself, which one to get, what type and whether I should just stick with my blender. Then I found the link to your video about this juicer. Your explanations and demonstration were persuasive and I made the purchase. I will be using it every day to detoxify, loose weight and to stay healthy. Thank you, John. - RC Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Hey! Where's the rating page? You folks rock! The NC 800 came exactly on time, and new as you would expect. I realized that all your videos were what got me in to juicing, and helped me understand the juicers capabilities. Why wouldn't I support you through purchases? Then you made it easy. You were about $40 cheaper than amazon and ebay. So that was a no brainer. You earned a loyal fan here and you should make it easier for those uninitiated folks to know how great you are by putting up a rating system that's on the home page. The bizrate link doesn't know who you are. Super happy and if there's anything juicing can do to help with prostate cancer, I'll be in great hands. Thanks again! - PL, Ben Lomond, CA

hi...just want to express how much I love my new tribest Slowstar juicer this is the 3rd one I've had in the past 30yrs..and by far better than the old models of yesteryear. super easy to clean and pure fine juice...its really helped me want to juice again..I learn more than you know on all our videos..thanks for living a beautiful rich life and teaching and sharing to the world!!! - JC, Dallas, TX

I just wanted to tell you I love, Love, LOVE my 8006 juicer!! We have twin 6 year old grandsons who are very good eaters. I showed them how the juicer works. They thought it was the coolest thing! One got some carrots out of the fridge, and asked me to make him some juice. We added an apple, and yum-yum-crunch-crunch-grind-grind-ta dahhh!!! Carrot apple juice! Twin grandsons loved it! They liked eating the pulp, as well! Also, I have not yet decided if I like juicing, or cleaning the juicer better. Silly, I know, but when a machine works that hard and is THAT easy to clean.......I am a happy girl!! Blessings to you and yours!! - JB, Colusa, CA

Wow. Outstanding. What an awesome machine. (Omega VSJ843). Probaby the best $400 dollars I have ever spent. These morning juices are great. I'm actually feeling an energy boost. Just feels sooooo right. Also digging into your old Youtube video's and learning a lot. I will be talking it up with all of my retired military friends. Thanks so much, - RS, Cocoa Beach, FL

When I got home Sunday night I made my first juice (aloha goddess-stole the name and sort of recipe from Mothers Market). It was divine. But more importantly, today I did my own "juice off" between my hardy Champion Juicer, which I have had for at least 15 years, and the new omega VSJ843. And here are my results... I made my standard basic veggie juice recipe (a mix of kale (home grown! Also due to your influence), carrots, celery, cucumber and Apple). I carefully weighed each ingredient so that each juicer was doing the same quantity of each item. Pulp in the juice - about the same, and not very much on either Yield - Champion- a little less than 500 mlV and the Omega VSJ843 - a little more than 700 ml. That was a much bigger difference than I had anticipated. It was pretty much an extra cup of juice from the same amount of produce!! Both juices tasted good, although the omega VSJ843 tasted different - perhaps as a result of the juice being more nutritious?? The VSJ843 was a bit slower - just a minute or two, overall, and both about the same amount of cleaning time. I read or heard on a video somewhere a comment that perhaps the round version might be louder than the square version, which may be the case, but it is still very quiet (especially compared to the champion). A bit of a learning curve to put it together quickly but after a few juices I have it down. I did find that the machine stopped a few times, but am learning the speed at which I can put in produce to eliminate that. And it is really nothing at all to reverse and start up again. I am getting used to the sounds of it and can tell when the machine had just enough or too much produce as the pitch changes a bit. So overall, big thumbs up and I look forward to trying it as a travel juicer on my next business trip to San Jose in a few weeks. Thank you for recommendations. -NW, Irvine, CA.

Just juiced with my new Omega VSJ843. It's just like you say in your video. I had no pulp, and it was easy to clean. The auger didn't have any pulp on it and neither did the screen. In the past I had purchased an Omega Vert 350 from you. It's like day night between the 2 machines. I highly recommend the VSJ843. Thanks - CS, Sarasota, FL

I buy products from this website whenever I can because I'm grateful for all of the YOUTUBE videos you produce. When my husband said he was giving me a Vitamix for Mother's Day I told him it had to be from here. But there was an unexpected bonus for me in it. I had no idea Vitamix made different books. I've read and reread this LifeFresh recipe book since my Vitamix showed up. Wow! One more reason to keep recommending to everyone I know to buy from this site. :-) - SM, Klamath Falls, OR

I got my (Slowstar) juicer this afternoon and read the entire manual so I knew everything I needed to know. Tonight for dinner I made two things. First I took 3 Fuji apples and made one cup of juice. I ate the pulp caught in the strainer, like the best applesauce. The juice was great and the puple that came out of the pulpe shoot was very dry, no juice left. Then I put on the other attachment and made banana fig pudding. I had soaked four dried Calmyra Figs all day and had four ripe small banaa. I buy the small ones so much sweeter and tastier than regular ones. ANywat I put the cut up figs and bananas through the mincer twice and wow what a delicious pudding. Did I mention I poured off the water before I put the figs through? Clean up of the jucer section was a snap following your directions. The mincer I took apart and got all the pudding out and then ran warm water through it in the sink and that worked fine too. This is so much better than the champion I would not even compare them. Your education and website purchase made my whole experience that much smoother and easier. Keep recommending this set up its the top of the line as you have already said it your number one pick for 2015, you know how to pick them- LOL.PS my wife was telling me she just read that avacodo pits are very nutritious. She plans to soak one for a day and then try to juice it. I folds here she could do that in the champion but she was not coming close to the Slow star with an avacado pit. So indeed there still may be some usage left the that old beast. Sincerely, - MS, Fairfield, IA

I would like to thank you for this site.I had no idea how much different style juicers there were on the market. I spent a few days,watching Your very informative videos.They brought me up to speed on everything juicing.Had I not come across your site,I would have purchased the completely wrong juicer. Having done this,I probably would have got frustrated, not used my juicer very much,and missed out on great health benefits. So this is my many thanks. - JC

I must tell you that I just purchased a Tribest Slowstar juicer, and I am EXTREMELY happy with it. My satisfaction with this machine is a direct result of having watched many of your videos and narrowed the choice down to the Slowstar because of what I will be using it for. (My second choice was the Kuvings Whole Slow juicer, third, the Omega NC800, and forth, the Omega VRT400). Because I followed your advice regarding using the freshest vegetables and fruit, alternating the produce as I am juicing, juicing at a rate compatible with the speed of the machine (not cramming the machine), starting out with 1/4 volume of leafy green juice relative to other vegetables and fruits during a juicing run, varying the types of produce used daily and cleaning the machine after every use, the result has been, that I get very little foam on top of the juice, the pulp never backs up and the machine never stalls. In short, the Tribest Slowstar works flawlessly. I never use the strainer because whatever little foam (pulp) I do get, I don't mind it at all in the juice.
All this to say that I found your Youtube videos extremely helpful and valuable, not only for helping me to arrive at an educated choice of a juicing machine, but for teaching me how to juice and the necessity of Juicing from a beneficial health point of view. I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you have taken to thoroughly educate me on the subject of juicing and need to cut out the junk and include proper nutrition in my diet. For those of you who purchased the Tribest Slowstar juicer, or one similar to it, my advice is to pay attention to John's tutorials regarding making the chore of cleaning the machine easier. I have taken his advice to another level by flushing at least two to three quarts of warm water (not hot) through the top of the feeding chute at the end of a juicing run. During this flushing I allow the auger housing and juicing screen to fill up about two thirds by closing the handy spout cap for a few seconds, then allowing it to drain. I have found that this decreases the amount of time and cleaning effort of the juicing screen with the handy brush by more than 80%. This flushing process also dislodges a large amount of the pulp that had collected inside the bottom, hollow section of the juicing auger. Believe me, this will make work much easier. And this advice is especially good for those of you who don't like the cleaning aspect of juicing. Try it, and happy juicing. Sincerely - CW, Bronx, NY

Just wanted to let you know I received the NC800 today, I was amazed at how small and light it was, perfect for my small counter space. It was easy to set up for the first time and I did my usual juice with less carrots, alternating like you said, a handful of parsley, a carrot, a celery stalk, handful of weeds, piece of cucumber etc. The pulp was very dry, and tho the juice had a little pulp in it, it was much less than the Hurom and straining was no problem. It's definitely a better fit for me, it will enable me to do more leafy greens, with less fuss and cutting, and no clogging, which was the main goal. Only minimal cutting is necessary and celery stalks and parsley leaf and stems can go in whole, and I can make the cat his juice first and then do my own. It's making juicing much faster and a lot more fun. Cleanup was fast like you said. Down the road I want to get the Slowstar, too. Hopefully Tribest someday will come out with a new model of the Solostar 3, with a wider feed tube and in the white color and maybe with a more streamlined design (and no gold decal!) It's a rare and happy day getting a new and efficient juicer. Thanks for your help, - JP, Glen Ridge, NJ

My juicer showed up this morning!! I'm so excited! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! John, I'm so glad you have "found your calling" for say. It appears "you love what you do" and I am so glad I found you on You Tube. I can't wait to see your next video and get out in my garden and give your ideas a try. Here, in NW Missouri, we get all 4 seasons and in the last few years, the weather has been very "extreme" so gardening is always a challenge...not to mention the mucky clay soil...ick! we have to put up with. We put on LOTS AND LOTS OF COMPOST!! Thanks again John! You & your helpers ROCK!! OXOX! - VD, Martinsville, MO

Just wanted to let you know I received the NC800 today, I was amazed at how small and light it was, perfect for my small counter space. It was easy to set up for the first time and I did my usual juice with less carrots, alternating like you said, a handful of parsley, a carrot, a celery stalk, handful of weeds, piece of cucumber etc. The pulp was very dry, and tho the juice had a little pulp in it, it was much less than the Hurom and straining was no problem. It's definitely a better fit for me, it will enable me to do more leafy greens, with less fuss and cutting, and no clogging, which was the main goal. Only minimal cutting is necessary and celery stalks and parsley leaf and stems can go in whole, and I can make the cat his juice first and then do my own. It's making juicing much faster and a lot more fun. Cleanup was fast like you said. Down the road I want to get the Slowstar, too. Hopefully Tribest someday will come out with a new model of the Solostar 3, with a wider feed tube and in the white color and maybe with a more streamlined design (and no gold decal!) It's a rare and happy day getting a new and efficient juicer. Thanks for your help, - JP, Glen Ridge, NJ

John, your work in educating and bringing juices to the masses is a blessing. You were responsive to my email questions and steered me into the right decision when I debated whether or not to go with the Tribest Slowstar or Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer. They're both great but your thorough analysis left with me with such a deep pro/con list that I felt I could make a long-term decision, because money is tight for me and I have a family to support and answer to. I know I will benefit from the green juice I make and flush the diabetes out of my system for good like I had once done before. Keep up the great attitude and solid video demos. -Kris D., Bakersfield CA

I want you to know that i’m TOTALLY EXTREMELY DELIGHTED with this juicer! My friends just left after being here all week. I didn’t know they’d be bringing their own juicer (hurom) and they even brought me an omega NC900HDCx to keep! We had our own little "John Kohler show” here, comparing all three juicers. Our Slowstar beat the others out hands down. The GREATEST thing is how it minced up all of my dried sage which was still hanging because I was soooo dreading rubbing it out by hand. This Slowstar is an amazing juicer!!! THANK YOU!!! - NP, Sturgis, IL

I'm happy with the slowstar Juicer I ordered from you.. - CG, Silver Spring, MD

This is my first foray into the world of juicing. I just received my Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 and shipping time was faster than expected! I went to the supermarket, and at age 41, purchased the largest basket of fruits and vegetables I've ever put into my shopping cart in my life. Made my first juice with kale, baby spinach, apple, lime, fennel, strawberries, and mint. A good mix of both fruit and leafy greens. The Slowstar did a great job with all ingredients. I was amazed at how small the pulp output was given how many fruits and vegetables I fed into the machine. The juice tasted fresh and good, plus I feel batter after drinking it. It is quite possibly the largest single intake of fruits and vegetables in a single sitting in my life. I have high hopes that this will continue to be a positive lifestyle and health change. I also want to thank you for your fantastic reviews. I actually had a different model on order from a large online retailer, and ended up canceling my order and purchasing the Slowstar after coming across and watching several of your videos. I placed my order with you in recognition of the great content and in-depth, honest reviews you have online. Keep up the great work and great un-biased content! - JT Ambler, PA

Got my Omega VRT 400 yesterday. Watched your videos (probably not all of them) and followed your directions. The best juicing and juice of my life this morning. I was amazed how quickly everything was cleaned up. Thank you. Blessings, - SS, Seattle, WA

Thank you John for all the videos! and for helping me decide which juicer to buy after juicing with a centrifugal for many years. I hope the Omega VRT 400 will hold up and serve me a long time. - MK, Santa Fe, NM

We love the Omega VRT 350HD! The juice is sooo good. And it does everything described. The extra prep time required to get the veggies pared down to the appropriate size is well worth the end product as far as we are concerned. And for me personally, the fast spinning motion and high-pitch noise of our previous juicer was vexing to my spirit! In fact, I stayed in the back of the house when Marty was making juice! However, the low noise of the VRT's motor and the crunchy, grinding noise of the veggies as juice is squeezed from them is kind of comforting.... I know that will seem weird to many folks, but some like me will totally get it! Finally, the ability to get wonderful green juice...well, I just can't say enough about it! I am a big greens eater- raw salads, steamed spinach, braised greens of all kinds, roasted greens, you name it. But pure green juice with apple and ginger is heaven and oh so good for the body. - KW, Austin, TX

Just wanted to let you know I received my juicer last weekend, and am already using it! It works fantastically and I absolutely LOVE it. I am having fun trying all kinds of fruits and veggies in it. Each juice has a character and taste of it's own....very fun!!! Thank You again for guiding me to the juicer to fit my needs, I truly do appreciate the personal care you provide. I will be sure to recommend your site to friends that may be interested in a juicer for themselves (that's how I was introduced). Side note: I tried my first juice that literally had everything but the kitchen sink in it, on my boyfriend, and to be honest the first couple of tastes, he wasn't exactly wild about, but by the end of the nice tall glass I had given him, and all the while telling him how healthy it was for him, he decided it wasn't so bad after all, and said he actually enjoyed it. Think I'll tone his down a little until he acquires more of a taste for the "good stuff". He loves all veggies, but is not a huge fruit fan.... Best to you and yours, - BE, Paso Robles, CA

I wish to thank you for your recommendation. This is the 2nd day using the Lequip215XL and I must say, you were right on, accommodates the cut-up, hardy veggies fine and clean-up is a breeze. I'm juicing cabbage, beets, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, with a handful of red grapes and it tastes great and satisfies hunger. There is lots of pulp and we're making soup with the pulp, would never throw all of that good stuff out! Kudos to you, I'm in business for myself and nothing can replace integrity. You could have recommended a much costlier solution for me but instead you gave me the best one for the kinds of produce I wanted to use, a great product and moderately priced. Thanks so much. You have my permission to reproduce these comments if you like. - SM, New Smyrna Beach FL

We purchased Omega Vert last week and received it so quickly that we are amazed and very happy. We decided to buy it from you because we learned so much from your videos and we so value what you are offering on these videos. We would not have been able to operate the machine so smoothly without the prior information you supplied in your videos such as alternating leafy greens and carrots, etc. That made a huge difference in our juicing life! We love your honesty and your pure intention in trying to help other people have the best juicing experience. We are very impressed by how you put so much energy into it. You are a gem. Thank you John. We really love our machine and love your videos. - YM, San Francisco, CA Keep rocking!

Today, I placed an order for a juicer from your company. I found the same model for a cheaper price locally, but am purchasing from you in gratitude for the wealth of information you have on the internet about juicers. This is my first juicer purchase, and I spent quite a bit of time watching videos (yours and others), and reading comments on various sites before making a decision. You seem to honestly want to help people understand what the pros and cons are of various juicers, and strive to make sure people can get the best performance out of the various models. I am looking forward to a summer of juice experimentation, and again would like to thank you for all of the good work you do. -CL, Minneapolis, MN

I just ordered the Omega 8006 and I'm excited to get juicing. I'm 39 and have been an omnivore my whole life. Like most people, I don't get anywhere near enough veggies, much less raw veggies. My journey to eating vegan began a while back when my wife started to try to buy organic and then a friend recommended the movie Food Inc. on Netflix. After that it was organic everything, grass fed beef, wild caught seafood, and free range chicken. We later stumbled onto Food Matters on Netflix and started taking a bunch of supplements. Next we started seeing a holistic dentist and began getting all the mercury fillings that are mere inches from my brain out of my mouth. Then, about three weeks ago, it all seemed to come together and hit me at once; meat and dairy are killing me. Or at the minimum, they were prepping my body for the onset of one or more of the host of diseases that most Americans believe are just a natural part of aging. I finally understood that there's nothing natural about diseases of any type at any age. With the help of this juicer I plan to fortify my body with vital nutrients as God intended thus rendering myself immune to disease and filled with endless energy. Thanks for all your help. I've watched hours of your free videos and I appreciate your call earlier today to give me that extra guidance. Thanks for the great service. I run my business on service and I really appreciate it when I get great service from another business. - RD, Petersburg, VA

Just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our VRT HD ! I've juiced every day since receiving it, and sometimes twice daily, as I've been making Hemp and Almond milks as well ! It will be making the trip to the beach with us soon, as I can't imagine daily life without it !! I wanted to thank you again for the AWESOME vids, as without them I'm sure I wound not have had so much luck in my new venture, because you showed so well how to get the most from the juicer. I've not had it clog up once, and the order of veggies and fruits alternating soft and firm IS important. I hope to get many many years of use from the VRT ! I'll keep looking for vids from really are doing a great service, and your passion for the lifestyle comes through ! I've also been exploring more raw foods, and learning how to incorporate more of that food into our daily lives ! Every day is a blessing, and going with a plant based lifestyle has been the best thing I've ever done for the health and well being of myself..and my husband, in more ways than could ever be counted !! Thanks again, with sincere gratitude : ) - KM, Pottstown, PA

Just want to let you know how impressed we are with the omega 8004. I ordered one for myself and my wife (who is just starting juicing) wanted my old Juiceman juicer. Once she saw how superior the 8004 is she had me order one for her. I am away from home all week for work so now with my wife getting her omega i will have one at both locations. Thanks so much for offering such a superior product and I have learned a great deal from your videos. - MG, Manlius, NY

I have been juicing for a couple of weeks now with the vert 350 everything is going well at first I was feeding wrong then a little more prep work and thing are going better giving the waste to a friend for his compost pile instead of throwing it away.I got over my fear of the beet I used one beet some carrots, apples, ginger half a lemon and a Asian pear really good. I would like to tell you I put the juice in a food saver canister and suck the air out and store it in the fridge. I have to only drink it in the morning and lunch I drank for dinner and had a hard time falling a sleep. Going on a cruise and thinking about taking it with me hard to think about not having a fresh juice for a week. Thanks for your help with everything.... - CF, Marriottsville MD

The juicer (Omega VRT350HD) arrived yesterday and we made juice and almond milk today. Discount juicers is TOTALLY AWESOME. Thanks for the great You Tube videos. - JT Tooele, UT

A few months ago, I emailed some questions about juicers. John got back to me right away and answered my question perfectly. We had to wait to get our juicer, but finally ordered our juicer this weekend (we got the Omega 8004, based on John's recommendation). It arrived exactly one day after the money was deducted from our account. VERY fast service! And the Omega 8004 is an EXCELLENT fit for our family. Thank you for the spot on recommendation and for the very quick delivery. We are very happy with our new juicer! - ES, San Rafael, CA

I would like to say thank you and that the Omega 8006 Juicer is everything you advertised on YouTube and your website. It was difficult to decide what juicer was best but I believe I chose correctly for my needs. The clean-up is easy and it juices all the greens, vegs and fruit combinations I can think of. Namaste' - Rosemount, MN

I just wanted to thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and information. From the articles, customer comments, and your videos, I was able to make an informed decision about which juicer to buy! I received my Omega 8006 last night and started juicing immediately and did so again this morning. It's very easy to use and even easier to clean! I can't wait to make the banana sorbet and date paste!!! Again, that you for sharing your knowledge and experience! - CC, Huntersville, NC

Hi-- I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your website, the videos and , most important, my WONDERFUL juicer. I watched many juicer vids before choosing the Omega 8003 juicer. Your shipping was fast and item arrived well packed.   After 3 months, I love it! It is quiet, quick and easy to clean. It also came with a 10 year warrantee. It seemed large in the photos, but actually takes up very little space. ( I live in tiny places) I will always recommend your website, and look there first if I decide to buy any more health appliances. Thanks for an excellent experience and product.   - MS, Polson, MT

Thank you John! I want to tell you how much you blessed me: We were just starting our third week of Dr. Celltox's 21 day cellular cleanse. I was hoping to get my (Omega 8006) juicer before we leave town this Friday, but the FedEx guy delivered it on Saturday! It is soooooo much better than my old Juiceman juicer - I LOVE IT - THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!  -TB, Garden Valley, ID

I bought an Omega Vert from you back in June.... Just wanted to tell you that I still love it very much. It is just a pleasure to work with and has really brought me joy.... it's so nice to work with a machine that does what it is supposed to. I have had no problems with it at all.. I did clog it up on kale one time, but that was my fault for not alternating produce.... and once, I dropped the juice catching bowl on my tile floor and it got a small crack, but it still works just fine. From the long cord to the whisper quite, powerful motor, I am just amazed by this machine. After seeing mine, my best friend, Larry who has been a vegetarian for 25 years, and a vegan for 3 (I'm not, however) has decided to get an Omega Vert..... I gave him my old Juiceman when I bought my Omega Vert from you, and he's been getting along with that and his Vitamix for a while now, but every time he comes over, he just falls in love with my machine all over again. Of course I've told him about you and he has watched several of your videos and loved them.... ...So, hopefully, he'll be ordering one soon.... but I just wanted to give you some feedback since I've had the machine since about June now... it rocks and I couldn't imagine owning any other juicer. I even did a week long juice fast as I was inspired by the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (so tragic that they recommend the Breville juicer (though my Breville blender is good, and their customer service is great))..... the fast went well and during it, I really got to explore my addiction to food! I lost 13 pounds!   - BP, Clermont, FL

I am amazed at your very quick service. I ordered my juicer on Monday morning and it arrived at my doorstep on Tuesday morning. Thank you for your excellent customer service.  - SC, Modesto, CA

I received the 8004 from you last Wednesday and I've use it once each of the five days since. This is a great machine and I like it better than the previous 8 juicers I've had since 1975. Perhaps, if I had tried my Wheateena on other things besides grass I would have kept it, but I never did that.  I've been putting the pulp through 3 to 5 times, along with the foam and pulp from the sieve and any slight foam on top of the juice, and I pick up another 20% or more juice.  If you chop everything small, this thing is almost self-feeding. - SF, Las Vegas, NV

I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did educating me about juicers and blenders on youtube. Because of the thorough information you provided, I was able to know the pros and cons and purchase with confidence. I also want to thank you for providing outstanding products at outstanding prices. I could purchase these products from many sources, but I wanted to reward the people who did the best job educating me about these important tools for my family's health.  You did a stellar job on my first order (Omega 8004 juicer), it arrived quickly and I have used it every day since the day it showed up on may doorstep. Thanks to your videos, I was able to hit the ground running without cracking open a book. We have not only made fresh green juices every day, but we have also enjoyed frozen banana treat, which my 11 year old daughter now requests regularly.  On a personal note, my daughter has Asperger's syndrome and ADHD. Until recently, she was taking medication everyday to help control her ADHD. However, after two weeks of her drinking fresh green juice every morning, one day we forgot her medication and discovered she was able to focus and concentrate without it. I can tell you that in the past when we would forget her medicine I would promptly hear from her teacher, and I would be requested to bring the medication to school. We have now been doing a trial week without her medicine, and so far so good. Juicing has already made a big impact in our lives.  In closing, I would just like to say that I can recommend to any of my friends without hesitation. Thank you for making such a positive difference in the world. Sincerely, - JC,  Kirkland, WA

I received the Omega Vert 350 tonight and I used it twice to try it out. It worked waaaaay better than I thought it would and it cleaned up super easy...i juiced carrots, cucumbers, zuchini, celery, spinach, parsley and an was awesome. The celery was a little old and wilty but it didnt have a problem at all (i hate celery, but I can drink it easy!) Anyway, I tried it out on a bunch of different veggies the second time tonight and it worked just like you showed on youtube and again it cleaned up easy. My wife is going to love it. thanks again.
- TH, Tomah, WI

Just wanted to say we received our Sedona Dehydrator last night and have our first batch of crackers going right now! :-) I am greatly pleased with the quality of the Sedona ... I had been worried about spending so much and from the photos I couldn't tell how solidly it was built. The wife and I are very pleased and appreciate all your videos! Have a great day! - DD,Las Vegas NV

I wanted to thank you for the great customer service and very prompt delivery of my new Juicer. Ordered Tuesday, arrived Friday. Impatient, I ran down to the office to see if it had been delivered and sadly it hadn't - I was just too early. I came back to my flat and resigned myself to making my lunch juice in my current (soon to be replaced) juicer. Clutching my Kale the doorbell rings not two or three minutes after I had come in. Answering the door with bouquet of Dino Kale in hand there stands the FedEx man with my new Omega 8004, what timing!! Very shortly after, I was drinking my first glass of juice and blow away by the improvement! I am extremely pleased with my choice. Like many others I spent a lot of time researching and my search stopped upon discovering your site through YouTube. In a way I was back to square one - in a good way - because you then - through your videos - proceeded to reeducate me on juicers in and honest and direct manner. By the end of the instruction I was in no doubt as to which one I would purchase and at a fair price.

My current juicer (think of the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead) just was not giving me what I wanted out of my produce. I'm on a 92 day green juice fast and I felt I was just throwing away and wasting so much beautiful food. My juicer left very wet pulp and large pieces of whole fruits & veg. My expensive '. . . Elite' juicer is also so loud I was sure the neighbors would begin to complain. It's biggest advantage was that it took large portions through it's shoot and was very quick. In order to get the quantity of green juice I wanted I would need to use an entire large bunch or more of greens and even then it was unsatisfactory. I even tried blending the greens in my Vita mix and straining to get better yield!

For your readers here are the pro's and con's of my new Omega 8004 Pro's:

  • Super quick and easy to clean. About 2-3 minutes provided you do it immediately following juicing.
  • Well priced
  • Very efficient at extracting juice from leafy greens & fruit. (first juice was: kale, pineapple, cucumber, celery, lime & ginger)
  • Very easy to use
  • Quiet
  • Money saving on quantity of produce used
  • Compact

8004 Con's

  • None.

I would like to add one last comment for your readers and that is that I didn't follow your guidance to use LESS greens and more of the base ingredients like cucumbers and celery because I wasn't convinced I would get what I wanted from my greens given my former juicer. I was WRONG, John was indeed correct. My juice was SO jam packed with kale nectar it was almost like a syrup and that was still using half the quantity I normally used. If you were inspired to begin juicing or like me juicing again by Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead I would recommend this model hands down.  Great company John, thank you. - EJ, Seattle, WA

Our new Vert 350HD arrived today and it is FABULOUS!! I am a diehard shopper; but after seeing your videos and thorough comparisons of available models I was so impressed I only wanted to order from you. Thank you for your hard work and great product! This juicer is even better than we expected and hope to get a lifetime of fresh juice out of it! Ordering online was simple, easy and the juicer delivered VERY quickly. Many thanks and happy juicing!
- AS, Savannah, GA

    Thank you for all of the videos you offer to help customers make decisions on the best juicer for them. We decided on the Omega 8004 because we will be juicing greens and would like to eventually try Wheatgrass. We ordered on July 14th, a Thursday afternoon selecting free ground shipping and we received it here in AZ early afternoon on Tuesday July 19th. Not including the weekend, it only took 3 days. Thank you. I am doing this get healthier and lose weight. I weigh 241 and am planning on a juice diet/fast as my cholesterol is high and the doctor wrote in my chart obese, which was a trigger word for me. I will let you know how Juicing changes my health inside and out.
    I also have a difficult time getting my 8 year old to eat any vegetables so I made him part of the selection and receiving process. We were going to purchase the Breville from the video "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" that we saw on Netflix until we found your website saw all of your videos and realized the Omega 8004 would give us a better quality juice at the lower speed that it juices. My son was interested in the comparison/informational videos you provide and how much you liked the juices after tasting them. When we received the juicer today he helped me unpack, wash and assemble the juicer. I picked a 'Green Juice' and got all of the vegetables set out like you do in the videos and called him to the kitchen because he wanted to help juice. The juicer worked great. It was easy to assemble, use and wash. My son was excited to taste it. He tasted it and actually asked for his own small glass. He liked his better with ice in it. He even got is 12yr old brother to try some who liked it even more. Thanks again for everything. We look forward to seeing more of the teaching videos. - JW Gilbert, AZ

    It just arrived! That was so fast. Thank you. I'm going to go try it out. John's videos on YouTube were incredibly helpful in deciding what juicer to order and to order through you. Thanks - CD, Livermore, CA

    I just wanted you to know that I bought a VRT350HD from you. I could have gotten from Amazon or any other place, but I bought it from you because I learned so much from your website and your videos that I thought you earned the sale. Thanks so much for all of those informative videos and the candor on your website - you really tell the truth on there! I am really obsessive about researching products and the information in your videos is second to none. Looking forward to getting my juicer and thanks again for all the information. - AT, New York,  NY

    When I was trying to decide what juicer to buy for my specific needs, you recommended the Omega 8004 ... which I purchased from Discount Juicers . com and have been using now for about a week... And [drumroll here].... I love my new Omega 8004. It is the PERFECT juicer for me. Cold press, quiet, affordable, and soooo quick/easy to clean. Good for both carrots and lots of leafy green stuff. Makes great fruit purees ("ice cream") I simply cannot say enough good things about this product. My husband and I have used an old centrifugal juicer for decades but wanted something that could handle all the leafy greens we grow and love. I was NOT shopping price. I was looking for quality -- in both the machine itself and the juice it would produce, plus
    ease of use and cleanup. The Omega 8004 has it all!! And John at was a gem to help me sort though all the options and choose the best one for my needs. Many thanks!! - CB, Columbia, NJ

    Just want to tell you I LOVE my new Omega Vert 350!! I did a lot of research and watched a lot of your demo vids and decided on this one and I'm so happy!! It is quick and easy and clean up is a breeze! I love the way it juices green leafy veggies which is really why I was drawn to this model. Also I want to thank you for your outstanding cumstomer service as my juicer came to me in 2 days!! I'm off to the store to buy parsley and cilantro! Cheers to you and your wonderful site!! p.s. love your gardening site as well! - MH, Boise, ID

    Wow, John! My vert just arrived, and of course I had to try it out immediately! It is nothing short of amazing! It is so powerful and whsper quiet... intuituve to use and assemble, self feeding, easy to clean... I just can't say enough abput it. I knew all this before I bought it because of research, but it's completely different to experience it for ypurself! The pulp is noticable, but not intolerable and a strainer would solve that... I'm thrilled! It's amazing how long I stuggled with a cheap centrifugal juicer... I truly didn't know what I was missing! If I had to complain about somethimg, it wpuld be that the book is poorly written by people to whom English is obviously not a first language.... I juiced watermelon,apple, spinach, and carrots... I always run the pulp twice and the hopper made it to do! I"m thrilled.... thank you!...  - BP Clermont, FL

    Compliments for producing all the helpful juicer/juicing videos. All the information you provide is helpful in making better informed purchasing decisions and definitely earned you my business. - TB, Eugene, OR

    I have purchased several juicers in the past from another company, and for a variety of reasons ended up selling them or giving them away. I was in the market for a new juicer as a result of studying the Gerson Method of healing. One thing led to another and I found the you tube videos on line for the Gold Star Elite, which led to the articles on line. After hopscotching around I decided to buy the Omega VRT350 HD. Even though the price was the same as the "other guys" I have purchased from in the past, I felt you earned my business with the wealth of information you provide. I was bemoaning selling my Gold Star Juicers about a year ago (which had been in the garage barely used for several years) when the comparion of LRPM juicers and the you tube video of the Omega VRT350 HD reminded me why it was in the gargae unsused so long. It was difficult to use, difficult to clean. I am a small person and I just didn't have the strength or leverage to push the fruits and vegetables through without getting it clogged. Even though it has the great biomagnetics your demonstration of the Omega VRT350 HD and your words of wisdom at the end of each article to buy what meets our needs helped me make the final decision. You guys think of everything! I look forward to my new juicer which I plan on keeping and using. I'll write back after I've had a chance to break it in. Thanks for the way you do business to educate and just pure joy and happiness about what you do. - EF, Laguna Hills CA

    Thanks again. This is my 2nd from you. Had the older 8005 before.  Sold it a while ago when I was cash strapped and actually sold it for more than I paid for it..haha! Got to love the eBay sometimes with those bidding wars. I thought I wanted a vert this time around, but thanks to your videos I opted for the 8006. Couldn't be happier. Keep up the vids they are invaluable for making an informed decision!! - DL, Seattle, WA

    !!I am so grateful. My 8004 is really really great. I love how it juices and I love how the discharge does not ever clog.  Thank you so much it is just what we needed. My husband is haveing at least 4 cups of green juice daily.   I will recommend you to those who cross my path.
    thanks again. - RR, Evansville, IN

    We received the win. The sorbet is a hit with the family!! It weirded me out how it seems to "fluff" up the frozen stuff, so you really get a lot of sorbet from not a lot of fruit. The (omega) 8004 goes wild on kale and collards like I hoped, no froth compared to the juiceman, is super fast to clean, and does fine with the few soft fruits we do. I don't mind the process of cutting up, pushing through,'s a bit methodical and relaxing, much better than spending that same time cleaning up! Thanks man! -TB, Eau Claire WI

    ...By the way, the 8006 juices WONDERFULLY! I love wheatgrass, and I assembled, juiced 2 ounces, and cleaned all the parts in just MINUTES! Wow...   I'm looking forward to many healthy concoctions and hopefully managing my health and sugar cravings. Thanks so much for your informative videos. To your health!  - AC, Leesburg VA

    By the way, the Omega VRT's great that I got from you in December...been juicing for years; still have my old Champion from '78 & have used many others, but the VRT does a good job with my predominantly green mixes with no fuss, as well as making delicious pineapple juice! - GS, Seattle, WA

    WOW! Talk about fast shipping.. i placed my order on Monday and i recieved my Omega 8004 on Wednesday.. i opted to the regular ground shipping and i recieved it that quick.. i am way too excited about this product.. i see myself on a whole new path for better health with the help of this product... once again, THANK YOU for the speedy process! - JV, Miami, FL

    Just want to thank you for your fantastic website, detailed info on juicers, and great videos on how to use those juicers. I used my VRT350 for the first time today. WOW! The Omega VRT350 made twice as much juice as my old centrifugal juicer. I will be able to cut my produce bill in half! Thank you so much! - KF Maumelle, AR

    John, I watched your videos and decided to order a VRT350HD from your site. Your videos were a major factor in not only going with the VRT350HD, but also buying from you. Thanks for the hours of video you have produced and any advice moving forward with someone new to juicing would be appreciated. Cheers, JH - Flower Mound, TX

    Thanks John I appreciate it. This is my first juicer and I originally was about to purchase the breville bje200xl from amazon for 99. After watching your videos I realized that even though it was a quarter of the price it was not a good investment. Your videos are honestly is much appreciated. I was happy to purchase the juicer from your company.
    - JL, Staten Island, NY

    I want to let you know that I appreciate the informational videos on your site. I have been trying to decide between the Vitamix 5200 and the Turboblend VS and I was having trouble figuring out what the difference was between the two machines. They need to take your example of the helpful and informational video! - Emily

    I am just dropping a quick note to say thanks for all of the ridiculously awesome information on your website and videos. I am new to juicing and making my decision to buy the Omega 330HD from you was made really easy. I watched a ton of video and checked out many other websites and retailers. You are by far the best guy on the entire www for anything related to juicing!!! I cannot wait to get started!!!  thank you very much!!!!! - DS, Boston, MA

    Just want to say thank you for having such an informative and helpful site. Choosing a good juicer that "fits" the user can be a challenge and you made the choice so much easier. I recommended a couple of juicers to a friend and sent him a link to your site. The choice was clear and the purchase made. He said he saw it for a little bit less elsewhere but wasn't sure those sites were reputable so he bought the juicer from you. You have kept your prices competitive and provided needed information. Thank you and best wishes for continued success.
    - JJ, Phoenix, AZ

    -RD, Ararat, VA

    I have one thing to say John OMG OMG...HEHE ok that was 2 things, but I LOVE THIS MACHINE (Omega VRT330).. WOW. I have been making juice all day LOL. I think I have drank so much juice I am now peeing juice... LOL HEHE, but I just wanted to say Thank you :) God Bless you John and your kind heart. YOU ROCK :) Thank You, YOUR BIG FAN :) - MB, San Francisco, CA

    I just referred a friend to your site and remembered that i never thanked you guys for being so quick to process and ship my order and for having such an informative site. (it seriously felt like 18 hours or less from when i placed my order to when it arrived)   I absolutely LOVE my omega 8006 (and I'm positive my friend will love his as well) and I owe my decision to your site.  Thank you again.  take care, - SG Brooklyn, NY

    I have ordered from you in the past including a dehydrator and you have always provided excellent service. I recently purchased the Omega 330 juicer in the last 30 days. The juicer is quiet and very efficient and have told all my friends to purchase the juicer (have been juicing since 74)... Thank you. -DT Evanston, IL

    John, are you the same guy I see on the youtube videos? Anyway, I sent this e-mail inquiring about the shipping right before I left work. When I got home, the juicer was on my doorstep. I am VERY impressed with how fast it arrived. I just ordered this from you on Friday
    morning and its already here by Monday. Plus you didn't charge me any additional shipping. Almost seems to good to be true. Awesome service. Even though it was shipped from the same state, I am still pleasantly surprised.  So I opened up it up, cleaned it, and assembled it and starting juicing right away. The juice yield is great and it tastes really good. I only used some grapes and an apple. I can't wait to really start some heavy juicing. This is my first juicer and I researched juicers all last week to decide the best overall one to get for fruits and veggies. Your videos were the main reference point for me. I was more than happy to give you the business. I was very close to just getting a centrifugal juicer at first, but the quality of the juice looked so much better in the Omega Vert and it seemed more versatile. I didn't mind spending the extra money for better quality and a long warrantee. Sorry for the long e-mail but I just wanted to truly thank you for making this an exceptional buying experience for me. Keep up the good work. I will do my best to tell other people about your site and that it is the best place to buy a juicer.  - AF, St Petersburg, FL

    UPS delivered the juicer yesterday afternoon at 5:30pm. Arrived in perfect condition. I really think I made the right choice. This replaces a Jack LaLane juicer that shattered the collar into a dozen cracks while feeding it carrots. It froze up and I saw & smelled smoke. The only good thing about that juicer was the motor. I threw it in the dumpster.
    I read the internet reviews and found out that this is a common problem and Tri-Star won't back up any repairs. Thanks to your website, my next centrifugal unit will be an Omega BMJ. It makes the Jack LL model look like a toy. Anyways, pleasure doing business with you. I've got my eye on some other items from your website too. -RB, Reno, NV 

    I want to thank you for the help you gave me in deciding which juicer was best for my needs. This is my first time juicing and your YouTube videos were a great help. Your company shipped the Omega VRT quickly and I started using it the first day. It's everything you said it was. I am very happy. Regards - ME Tucson, AZ

    I received the Vert Juicer and I must say I have never been impressed about any other juicer in my 59 years of life. This to me is the best. 
    MW - Hutto, TX

    I saw the demo video on this new machine (Omega Big Mouth Juicer) and was so impressed.  I have been telling many of my friends. Once they see it do it's job so well, I am sure you will see more orders coming in from Kauai.
    Thanks for the discount of shipping! We get hit hard for that all the time, so people buy locally since it's already in the cost.  I will continue to spread the news of the Big Mouth, By Big Mouth, and wish your returns in like. Mahalo's - BH Koloa, HI

    I received my Omega 8004 in ONE day! Could not believe it and juiced this morning! Wonderful!!!  ... I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you so much for your help. DT - Wakefield, MA

    Received my Omega 40000 juicer last evening. I am impressed with your quick service (two days order to door). The juicer is the "Cadillac" of juicers as you mentioned. The machine is quiet, the juice is smooth and the clean-up is a snap.  I am very pleased. You guys are the best. - GK, Carson City NV

    I received the Mini L'Equip 110.5 today. I made a small glass of carrot and celery juice and it was the best I've ever made at home -- very smooth. I was a little surprised to see how small the juicer was when I removed it from the box, but it fits very well on my counter and can remain in constant use as a result.  Thank you again for your patience and guidance in selecting a juicer. I think I will be very pleased with this model. It was very easy to assemble and clean.. - MM, Washington DC

    I love the Omega bmj330, It is the best centifugal juicer that I have ever owned but It doesnt do wheatgrass very well...  Thanks for everything! My Grandma has her carrot juice and she is feeling better.  It is amazing what mother nature can do. - MT, Acworth GA

    That was fast, I ordered today, got the confirmation email right away, and then you're shipping it the same day! Fabulous..  Thanks for doing such a great job!  Your videos are soooo helpful, by the way. So's your website, we both read everything that pertained to helping us make our decision. You really know your products and we really appreciate the time you spent giving us such terrific service.  I'm so psyched! The beets and carrots and celery and greens in the garden, and all the fresh produce brimming at the farmer's market, and the fruit in the freezer, and I, patiently await! :)   Enjoy the day, - BK, Nokomis, FL

    I have gone through two centrifugal juicers since I began juicing. I wish somone had told me about them but then I would have missed out on all that fun! I recently purchased a Omega 8006 and I could not be happier with this purchase! I have been juicing everything I bought at the Farmers Market the other day, hard vegetables, leafy greens, fruit (hard and soft) and it has performed beyond my expectations! The pulp is dry, the juice is just the way I like it (I don't use the strainer over the catch cup) and the best part it is SOOOOO easy to clean up! This is a awesome juicer and one that I am going to reccomend to my friends (I am the guinea pig of the bunch)! Also, you guys are great! So easy to do business with! Thank you! -JW, San Pedro, CA

    I got the juicer (Lequip 110.5)  last evening and I juiced this morning. It was so easy to juice and the clean-up was a breeze. And, the juice tasted great, and I can feel it going to every cell in my body. Thank you for your website and all the work you did to help a customer like me to decide on my first juicer. Gratefully, - MK, Cincinnati, OH

    I've been using my VRT 330 for about 2 weeks now and I love it. I just wanted to say thanks to John for all the helpful youtube videos he posts, which of course led me to purchase the Juicer; and also for all his helpful information on his various websites. I would also like to thank you for the amazingly fast shipping... - JG, Saugerties, NY

    Well, again I'd like to thank you for taking the time to put youtube videos out there. Without them I would have never been encouraged to get my Vert juicer. I truly love it. - TB, El Paso, TX

    I ordered an Omega Vert from you last week and it just arrived. I just want to tell you how glad I am that you posted videos introducing the Omega Vert. Otherwise, who knows how long I would've used the Omega 9000 which is a real hassle to clean up. After making 2 juices the basket was full. Now I know how cavemen must have felt when they stop using square wheels. I have you to thank for that. I want to wish you and your staff a Healthy & Happy New Year and all the very best in 2010... - EC, New York, NY

    Highly anticipated Omaga vrt arrived today, we had a lot of fun and were not disappointed! Tried to save it till after work but couldn't resist, set it up (easy) during lunch and began juicing everything in sight. It performed perfectly, tasted great and cleanup was a snap. What an awesome machine & small foot print. - BS, Derry, NH

    Hello -just wanted to say WOW! I received my juicer today (Tues) and just ordered it on Sunday. I am floored by how quick the shipping was. THANK YOU! Can't wait to start using it. - JC, Novato, CA

    I love my new Omega Vert (VRT330) Juicer! Well designed and intuitive. Juicing is a breeze (er, fun!) and it is pretty quiet. Clean-up takes less than 5 minutes and much better than I expected: just disassembling and rinsing, and using the little scrub-brush on the strainer. The best part is, because the Omega Vert juices at 70 RPM instead of in the 1000's, the juice is supposed to be good for up to 72 hours instead of 20-30 minutes with other juicers. It's small, it's cute, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for the BEST JUICER EVER! -RR, Fresno, CA

    I've really been impressed with the customer service from your company and am highly recommending you to everyone I know. The juicer (Omega VRT330) arrived yesterday and I LOVE it. I can now prepare, juice and clean in the same amount of time that it took to just juice with my other machine. After juicing, I just ran water through the machine and the screen was almost completely clean. I am so pleased with this purchase. I look forward to purchasing other products from your company in the future. Best - KR, San Francisco, CA 8003 showed up on time. I've already used it for several meals and it's performed as you demonstrated. It certainly works better on the leafy greens than my Champion! Requires a little more patience due to the slow turning of the auger, but the results are worth it. Thanks again for your demo video on YouTube-it's what caused me to buy Omega over that chick on TriBest who acts like she's on drugs. Thanks again! - RK Lake Jackson, TX

    ...thank you for the many articles of yours and experiments whose results I extensively read and compared which strongly influenced my purchase decision*; I was pleased with what appeared to me to be the honesty and openness with which you conduct yourself (through the articles and experiment descriptions), and hence your business. - RP Davis, CA

    Thank you.... I hadn't expected a reply on a holiday. We use our juicer a lot and will more than likely wear out the motor before the warranty is up!  This is our 3rd year with the 8003. I would recommend it to anyone looking  for a good juicer. The other one we had was a Jack Lalanne. Garbage! It just wasn't constructed all that well. The 8003 does the job without complaints from us. Thank you again. - SC, Hatfield, PA

    I just wanted to let you know that I have received my Green Star juicer. Over the years I have had several juicers but none of them comes even close to the Green Star. What a fantastic machine, it truly gives me more juice than I ever had before. This ends up saving me money that I then can invest in more organic produce. I also like to mention that cleaning the Green Star is fast and easy.  Thank you for all the great information that is available on your site it was easy for me to make a decision on which juicer to purchase. Thanks again it was a pleasure doing business with you. -IB Colorado Springs, CO

    I don't know if this should go to discountjuicers or not, but I just wanted to tell you I L O V E my little Lequip mini juicer; it is everything I hoped for and more.  I can't remember the last time I wrote a letter just saying thank you for such a quality product.   I am absolutely delighted with the little guy and it works great.  I read the recommendations from discountjuicers on this product, and took a chance, and it has exceeded my expectation.  I hope it lasts forever.  Thank you very much.   Sincerely, -CY Marion, NC

    You are SO nice! Thank you for your help and understanding. I was very frustrated, and the fact that the directions that came with the product were so poor did not help matters. The new directions and the webpage you sent were extremely helpful. I am now happily spiraling away! Thanks again! - TC, St Augustine FL

    Just wanted to write you and let you know how pleased I am with your fair practices. I bought awater distiller from Sears and in my after purchase research, came across your site and found out about waterwise and their unethical practice. I put a review w/your website on under the waterwise 8800 distiller. I am glad to have found your website and will be supporting you in the future. - M, San Rafael, CA

    I was down to two juicers, the Omega 8005 and the Solo Star II. The comparison by John Kohler was a very complete and informative resource, and one I've been trying to find on-line for the past 3 hours! Excellent job on comparisons, and it will definitely assist in my final decision. Thanks. - MAL, Howell, NJ


    I just recieved the omega 8005 juicer purchased from your site, I'll tell you this thing is GREAT! I don't know much about juicers, I got this on your advice page, it's so quiet, easy to clean and the quality of the juice is amazing! I was like a kid with a new toy throwing vegatables into this thing, but this toy gets results!  thanks again for your great deal and fast shipping!  - TW, Las Vegas, NV

    Thank you for taking the time to talk with me over the phone the other day.  The information you gave was very good and you answered my questions. I  ordered the Omega 8003 and am very please with the juicer. Although I have  not done a scientific experiment, like weighing before and after, it seems  to extract more juice than the Omega 4000 I previously was using. It does  great with Wheat Grass, Kale, Carrots, Apples and other green leafy  vegetables. Also, it is much quieter than the several previous centrifugal juicers I have used in the past and is much easier to clean. Thanks again for your recommendation, -LW, Morgan Hill, CA

    Having used the Juice Fountain Professional JE900 for several weeks, I have  found that the published negative comments of some of your customers are  unfounded. The machine is all that it claims to be. It is well made, robust,  effective and extremely easy to clean. It performs its function so quickly  that any extra noise is no problem. In any case, it is no louder than the  vacuum cleaner! Thank you for your excellent service and prompt delivery. Best wishes, - AD,  Coeur d'Alene ID

    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the fast shipment, it arrived one day after I placed my order! So far my Omega 8005 is working great. Thanks again... - AC, Sebastopol, CA

    Just a note to let you know that my wife and I are totally pleased with the Omega 8005 Chrome Juicer. It is everything you said it would be and much much more.  My son is so impressed with how it juices that he is going to order the same machine within a week. One other thing: the service your company provided was top-notch. In fact, it is the best I have every experienced with any online company. You did exactly what you said you would right down to the last detail. You should be proud. Keep up the great work!!! Sincerely, - LT, Naples, FL

    I would like to take just a minute to thank you personally as well as   Discount Juicers for handling my problem in such a professional way, and in a timely fashion. I received the Mini Juicer yesterday and it works great, it's a lot quieter than I had expected. Thank you so much for your help. I will recommend Discount Juicers not just for price, but for taking care of their customers.. Respectfully,  -TW, Los Angeles, CA

    Thanks for the comparison chart I received several weeks ago about the Jack La Lange juicier. I just received the NutriSource 1000,as I returned the La Lanne juicer, which I had not opened. I tried it this morning for the first time with organic carrots, celery, apples, beet and some gingeroot with good results. I only made one huge mistake -- pulp was flying out the front than the back. Tomorrow should be a perfect juicing experience. Thanks again for your assistance to this new juicer. - JW, Moorestown NJ

    Wanted to make mention of how useful I found the web site to be... have never owned a juicer before and found an amazing amount of information available to aid my selection  process... and am now a very happy Greenstar juicer owner! Cheers, - LD, Santa Cruz, CA

    Thanks for your help. You are great. I am really enjoying my two juicers you sent me. I use one or the other every day. By the way, I am healed from cancer now and I know 6 glasses of fresh green vegetable juice daily in the 2 juicers I got from you played a big part in it. Here is a picture of  me now feeling very healthy. I ordered the ice cream maker today. Thanks for your knowledge so I could get the best for my needs (and it isn't even from your company). That's not only service, but integrity and good will. Thanks again, you are a very special person. Abundant blessings,
    - DW, Paia Hawaii

    Hi, I wanted to let you know I received my L'Equip mini juicer yesterday and made our first batch of carrot-apple juice. It was delicious, even my two teenaged boys thought so! The L'Equip was easy to use, easy to assemble, disassemble and clean, and it was quiet! As a newcomer to juicing, I don't have any basis for comparison, but this juicer seems to be a good place to start for us. When we decide we need other juicing equipment (like for wheatgrass, etc) you will hear from us! Thank you for a terrific website. Delivery of the juicer was 2 days to Arizona, and the email notification was great....   ... Thanks again from a very satisfied customer!
    - CC, Phoenix AZ

    Just wanted to say that I purchased an Omega 4000 juicer for Chtistmas '02. It is fantastic!! Works well, reasonably quite and a powerhorse to boot! I checked out the Juiceman II products both online and at the store (Macy's) and was not impressed! My product is amazing! Cleans up in less than 45 seconds and delivers a great result! People, if you are a skeptic like me, pick the Omega 4000! And, it's made in the USA with a 15 ( that's right, one -five) year guarantee!! This is the one!! Thanks,
    - MB, San Diego

    Thank you for the fast delivery and the great juicer you people are truly professional in running your company i tried another company before you they were quick to take your money but was the worst experience and a lousy juicer any way thanks again keep up the good work thanks
    - TQ , kalispell MT 

    - FA , Toledo, OH

    ...Received my juicer(champion commercial) yesterday and made my first glass of carrot juice (with one apple)...IT WAS DELICIOUS! I'm also so glad that the machine is SO quiet! I am VERY happy to have this machine.  Thank you again for all your help.
    -TJ, Terrell TX

    Kudos to you! I have been shopping for juicers for a while now after a friend waxed eloquently on his Lalanne Power Juicer and how easy it is to use and clean. I'd first considered a Champion, but after reading your EXTREMELY HELPFUL articles, I decided that my needs were best met by your Juice Fountain.......your articles were so helpful that I felt I needed to buy it from you. THANKS!
    - DS, Belaire TX

    I received the juicer (Green Star) today! That was very fast processing. I am impressed. I hope to be equally impressed with the product. Thank you.
    - RA, Palm Springs CA

    ...thank you so much. You have been a big help. You have one of the greatest websites and services I have ever seen. I have been able to stop some of my friends and acquaintances from running down to the dept. store and buying a Juiceman, or some other recreational juicer by printing out info you provide and showing them the comparison--i.e., helping them educate themselves! Most of the people have chosen the "LeQuip 110.5" as their beginning juicer and are very satisfied with it. It appears that I should keep my Champion, get a blade replacement; but also purchase the Green Star for my next investment. I juice for friends who are ill, recovering from surgery, etc. Most of the time, the results of drinking the juice for a period of time and experiencing its benefits, motivates them to get their own juicer! It's so great to have your website to which to refer them. Thanks for operating a business of integrity and quality. Grace and Peace,
    - CM

    Thank you, I received my juicer (Lequip) on Friday, what fast delivery. I've tried it and it appears to work great and the clean-up was a snap.
    - TR, Benecia CA

    Your site is really fantastic. It employs current technology with down home service and knowledge. Congratulations, as a marketing person myself I can truly appreciate what you have done here. Your in depth articles are informative and well cross referenced. Your frequent comparisons on specific product categories are also very helpful. Keep up the great work. I will be placing my order soon, once I finish figuring out what I need.Thanks,
    - Bob M

    I wanted to give you some positive feedback about your delivery. I ordered my LeEquip 110.5 on a Tuesday about 3pm over the phone. I recieved an email confirmation the same day. The most impressive part is when I received the juicer. It was waiting on my doorstep at 5PM on Thursday! Very impressive! I am also very pleased with the email responses that I received while making my choices. You answered all my questions and (since I am local?) called me to further answer my questions. Awesome customer
    service. Thanks,
    - TJ, Santa Rosa, CA

    Thank you for for your great service... I love your website. it is very well laid out. It informs and educates customers and help them make a choice that will best serve them. Web site design and its contents reflects caring attitude of the company and its people. It certainly adds value for me and it was a very important   factor in my choice to purchase Excalibur dehydrator and Greenstar Juicer.Thank you so very much.  
    - Sajil, Marietta, GA

    I have been using my Green Star now for almost two months. I love it. I find I am initially using it more for juicing than for preparing other raw foods simply because of my lack of time to figure out how to do the other type of food preparation and several disasters in terms of the quality of the food I made for the family.  By now, all the produce people at the local Whole Foods know me. I load up on carrots, oranges, pineapples, apples, celery, spinach, cabbage, beets, etc.
    - DS, Walnut Creek, CA

    I just received my juicer today (Omega 8001) and I've already starting juicing - it seems like it was just what I was looking for. Thanks for including the wheatgrass book - that was a nice gesture. It was refreshing to deal with a "real" person on the phone, instead of some corporate automaton. I'll definitely recommend your company to other people. Cheers,
    - ME, Ashburn VA 

    By the way this is the third Greenlife (green star) I have bought for me and family. Got my first one when I began my battle with cancer, which by the way I have won. Got the second when I went for an extended stay with my daughter and didn't want to carry mine on the plane. One juicer each year must make me your best customer. Love it and insist that others not skimp on cheaper products. Great that the pasta and rice maker is now part of it. Mine did not include  that or cook book and I sure wish I had pasta maker and the price is now better. Guess I'll have to save up. Thanks for help
    - LW Sewickley , PA

    Hi I just wanted to let you know that the juicer (lequip mini) arrived, followed shortly by the book. The juicer is a top notch appliance, well designed and very easily operated and cleaned.  Thank You
    - CW

    I just wanted to write and say that i just ordered the NS-1000....and it's great!!!!! Thanks so much, you folks have been great too!
    -mc syracuse ny

    ...anyway,thanks once again for just being there and offering the great products,prices,and informative and easy to navigate website.
    -JS Racine, WI

    Received my Omega 8001 today, I can't wait to get started. Thank you for your prompt processing. I discovered something the other day that I think you'll get a kick out of. We have a guy here on the East Coast, his name is Gary Null. He has a superior radio program on health and nutrition, one of the best if not the best. Anyway, he has been promoting his new juicer. I took a look at the picture. Then one day I was searching your site and saw the NutriSource 1000......they look very very similar. Only thing is, with Gary's name on the machine, it sells for $250. For a good laugh, go to, click on product catalougue, then click on juicer and take a look for yourself. Happy juicing,  ...having a great time w/the 8001. Patience is the key--it is much slower than centrifigal, but the juice tastes freshly and gently squeezed. The centrifigal juice tastes like it was pulverized and mixed with mega air. And the greens don't burn up. I don't see any difference between the #1 and #2 settings.
    - AC, Springfield NJ

    I received my order today, thank you, that was FAST!!! We'll definately be doing business again..
    -CO, Simi Valley, CA

    ...and I'm happy with my juicer (Lequip Mini) - so far it's seems to be just what the doctor ordered.  Again - thank you for your help. Without your assistance - I'm sure this could have turned into a long, drawn out fiasco. Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year. Regards
    - AA, New York, NY

    Thank you! I received my juicer (green star) and I love it!!!   It´s even better than I thought it was going to be.
    - DC, Sante Fe NM

    ...Your website is unparalleled for content.  Thank You
    - AIC

    ... I also wanted to say that I really like your website. I decided to order from this site because all of the information helped me to pick out the juicer that I wanted.
    -AA Astoria, NY

    We are very pleased with our Omega 4000 juicer--purchased it from you guys about six months ago'---Thanks again!!!
    - HH Miami, FL

    I just had to write and commend this webite on its throrough content, and extremely helpful [& useful] information. I am in the market to make a juicer purchase, and the articles and comparisons done by: John Kohler were terrific! And the video demos - what a brilliant idea! You have maximized the online internet capabilities and I am impressed by the savvy use of this e-commerce tool. Most other online vendors shy in comparison. I have called other vendors inquiring about juicers and their preferences, and was most disappointed by their lack of knowledge. This site is comprehensive and gets a Plus A rating. I will be sure and support this site by making purchases here. This site is bookmarked and will be recommended to all my friends. Thank you! One very satisfied shopper, Sincerely,
    -Sacha, Redwood City, CA

    ...I purchased a Green Life Juicer, and thanks to all the people who shares in your page about this great juicer. It's a great investment, money is saved since vegetables are not wasted as much as with the centrifugal ejection juicers. If you would like to, you can add my comment in your page.
    - Prasanna Aguirre

    Good man and a Good Job! Thanks for your  sevice, and I see the stuff is on the way. Great! I'm one of the very satisfied customers.  Pl' forward this mail to your boss!!
    - MA, Edison NJ

    YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! They (the dehydrators) just arrived 2 minutes ago!!! THANK YOU!!! Thank you for all your help!!! Can't wait to use it. Kind Regards,
    - JL, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for helping me acquire 3 juicers at a good price. -- They arrived and I reshipped them shortly thereafter by UPS ground. Again, thank you for helping me. I'm recommending your company to others.
-RA  Fort Washington , MD

I was so pleased to find your site when looking for a food dehydrator for myself. Your site was easy to navigate, had great pictures and descriptions of your products, and a lot of information re: dehydrators. Also, the prices could not be beat. I wish other online stores had a page to see if items are in stock or not - what a terrific feature! This is my second dehydrator, I am purchasing it for my aunt, and want her to have the best.  Thank you again, I think your site is terrific! Sincerely,
- JH, Marysville, OH

Your Website is the absolute BEST for information on juicers that I have found. I have been to 5 or 6 other sites and yours is by FAR the best. I came to the site wanting to know what the difference was between the Omega 8001 and the Oscar, and If they were better than the Green Life. The info, pictures, and comparisons exceeded my expectations...  ...I like the Green Life with the soft fruit attachment. Your special package with the soft fruit attachment-book-video looks very attractive. I thought nobody came close to the Vitamix until I saw your comparison. I had not even heard of the Champ. I will be directing my friends to your outstanding website.  Very Impressed,
- RM, Pensacola, FL

...I just wanted to tell you that you  have the best website I have ever seen (and I have seen many).... wife really appreciate all the info (even the manuals!!!) that you have crammed into your  site and as consumers we want to reward those who arm us with the  most knowledge so we can make a well-informed product decision.  Your actual side by side tests are great. Based on the voluminous  information on your site we were able to narrow down our selection to the L'Equip, Omega8001, and the GreenLife. We decided to go for the  Greenlife machine based on the results of the "Cucumber Test" and the  availability of the "soft fruit" attachment that the Omega8001 does not have. We figure in the long haul the Greenlife will more than  make up the price differential in its ability to squeeze the most  juice out of produce...not to mention the benefits of getting the  most life force energy out of the produce. I'm sure we'll be back as customers in the future... Thanx Again
BK & AK Round Top, TX

I purchased a water wise 4000, and love it. It saves me money on bottled water, + the water quality is much better as some bottled water is just tap water in disguise.  I have been feeling better and I have noticed all the brown and grey residue left behind from the dirty water.  In addition your distiller was compared to other water systems and yours took out the most amount of stuff.
-JL, New Jersey

...I received the Omega 4000 today and it works just fine. Thank you for the customer service.
- DA, Seattle, WA

...By the way I adore the Excalibur and have everyone hooked on my beef jerky. John was very sweet and helpful. You are lucky to have such a nice employee. Thanx
- GS, N. Billerica MA

Thank you for being so prompt with my order to the juicer! (Omega 8001)
-CM, San Diego

Thank you. We received the unit today. We have tried it and find it to be a wonderful machine. (Green Life Juicer) Thank you,
AW, Washington State

We absolutely love our new champion juicer!!!!!!!!
-AL, Tuolumne , CA

...Thank you for getting back to me. It is very nice and all to uncommon to have this kind of personal service these days. Your company is lucky to have you! Thanks again for all your help.... ...I made a batch of jerky the day I got it (excalibur 2900 dehydrator) and we love it. It took half the time my old dehydrator took and it dried more evenly. Great product. Thank again for all your help.

Today I received my beautiful Omega 4000 juicer. I have already used it and am in love with it.
-MEVR, Upper Saddle River, NJ

Thanks for the speedy service. I just got my dehydrator last night.
-CJ Tucson, AZ

I'm very pleased with the purchase (Champion Juicer) and delivery was very timely.  ... I'm pleased customer.
- MW, Renton, WA

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I recieved the Juicer this morning, Thank you for the quick response!
-MA Everett, WA

got my greenlife wheatgrass juicer and it is great!!!   quite a nice pice of equipment.
- DD

...I wanted to say that your website has been very helpful with all the information in articles and FAQs that you have posted on juicers and blenders.
- JR

Hi, I ordered an Omega juicer and citrus attachment via your website in the past, and I use it every day.... Thanks for being online - you are an asset to me and my family,
- MM

Thanks... My juicer and wheatgrasser arrived in few minutes ago and I'm very pleased with each.. (Miracle Ultramatic and Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer)
LCN- Grand Prarie, TX

...This is to let you know our juicer arrived Monday as you promised.... ...we are pleased with the product. (Green Power Juicer)
- CT, Des Plaines IL

Just want to let you know that I'm extremely pleased with my Omega 4000 juicer. Thanks for your recommendation on the web site. It definitely one of the best investment I have made for my health. Thank you.
- AL Herndon,VA

I bought a 4-tray Excaliber dehydrator from you last year & love it. I appreciate both the quality of the product & your level of service. Thanks!
- MB

...I just wanted to let you know I received my juicer two days ago.
I'm really impressed by how quickly you processed my order and after having done extensive research, you were the least expensive. Thank you, I will definitely do business with you again. Sincerely,
-AM Studio City, CA

Thanks for your quick and easy delivery of the wheatgrass juicer. I received it yesterday and I love it! I have already juiced all the grass I grew. Even my husband and my dog are drinking it. Now if I could only get those finicky cats to do more than just chew on it! Thanks again,
JI - Valencia, CA

Hi, We received our Green Life juicer about a week ago. We just wanted to let you know that your customer service is excellent, the price was great and the juicer is terrific! We are so glad to have a juicer that purges the pulp so that we don't have to keep cleaning the basket between batches. Also, the juicer produces the best tasting juice we've had so far.  Delivery of the juicer was lightening fast and it was received in excellent condition.
Thanks Again!

- CD, Pescadero, CA

Love your website. It is packed with information.
-BB loveland, CO

I own the Lequip juicer model 221 and I have been very pleased with it...
KG, Pleasanton,  CA

Good afternoon.. I found your site, particularly the video and comparisons, really helpful. So I wanted to contact you just to say "thank you."   With your help I have been able to decide on the Green Life juicer, (mainly for carrots and wheat/barley grass)...

Just wanted to let you know the (Green Life) Juicer arrived today (Nov. 10) and it works great. Thanks so much!
- LH Roseville, CA

By the way, thanks again for the advice to go with the (Omega) 4000  - beautiful  machine! It really works great! Regards,
- WW

..I appreciate your help on-line and found your website to be quite informative and helpful in choosing a juice machine.
- SB, Mankato, MN

...received my replacement juicer today. Thanks for your help and outstanding customer service. God Bless.
- JP, Florida

Products arrived today. Thank you for the prompt shipment and your help in order selection.  Thank you very much..... Have a good day - its a Great Life

I received my juicer yesterday (Omega 8001) and rejoiced in the deliciousness of a green elixir... So good!
- ML Austin, TX

I just wanted to email and let ya'll know that I have owned an Acme juicer(stainless) for the last 20 years.My juicer works as well today as the day it was bought for me. I use the citris attachment on a daily basis and I get the best orange juice one could possibly want! I used my juicer through 3 children and I love it!! Thankyou
- CW valrico florida

Love the juicer (OrangeX Commercial) and the fast delivery. Thank you
- GC, Culver City, CA

.... Juicer received yesterday.  Ordering from your company was a real pleasure. Your attention to details like the email communications and the link to UPS tracking is appreciated. I am also very pleased with your fast order processing. Regards,

Thanks for all your help. We've got a juicer, a food processor, a blender, a dehydrator from you and are very happy with everything so far. I recommended your site to a friend and hopefully she will buy a Juiceman from you soon.
- VI

Hey, you guys are impressive.
-DR, Redding, CA

I am amazed at your site. It is absolutely one of the best e-commerce sites I've seen. And this from a RawFood Guy! Your articles & comparisons are very helpful. You even have product manuals! Take a bow, my friend. You're awesome. I'm promoting your site heavily to our 65-member raw food group in Sacramento, many of whom need to gear up their kitchens with the right tools.
- MB, Sacramento, CA

First let me say that I am VERY happy with your products (I purchased a Green Life Juicer) ...
- Richard

...I recently purchased a dehydrator from you and am very happy with it. I am a holistic practitioner and have recommended your company to several of  my clients...  ... to order your Excalibur Food Dehydrator... Thank you
PS, Merrimack , NH

I recieved the packages today. Thanks again for all of your help. I am sure that I will be buying from you again. Take care.
- LC, Morris Plains, NJ

Thank you, I've received my order today. Wow!!!!! that was fast : )
DH, Oakland CA

My juicer arrived yesterday safe and sound. Thanks for your prompt service and for keeping me informed.  This was my first on line order experience and it was a good one!
-JW, Binghamton NY 

So fast! I ordered my juicer and received it the next day. My first experience juicing was a good one - the omega 4000 model is fantastic. I'm excited about juicing now! Great product. Thank you for the thourough information on various products - you broke down the information well and it was easy to figure out what juicer would be best for me. I like to read the customer comments about the products too! Thanks.
- HS

... I want to take the time to thank you for your intentions, I wish other places had people like who do pay attention to the orders. Thank you very much for your concern.
-LB Evanston, IL

I want to thank you for your response. I have been pleasantly overwhelmed with all of the information on your site and chose to order my new juicer   through you because of the info and your response to my email question. So, tonight I placed an order for the Greenlife; big decision. I really want something that juices leafy greens and veggies primarily with some fruit(I'll keep my fingers crossed on that one)and is multipurpose. You're site is in my favorites now. Mil Gracias,
- EG Houston, TX

The juicer came Thursday afternoon. Thanks for the follow up I appreciated it.

We love our NutriSource 1000 juicer. I love it so much that I brought it to work one day to share the delight of fresh juice...
- VC Saint Ann, MO

I received the juicer today at work! Thanks for all of your help!Sincerely,
- JG

I purchased the Green Life Juicer thru you and I am very happy with the machine.

Received the water wise 4000 distiller today. Thank you for the prompt shipment.
- LA

My son has received his (Le Chef)processor and is delighted. So am I that you were able to deliver it so quickly. Thank you.
- AU

You're an excellent businessperson. Thanks for giving me your take on things...

My point in getting back to you is to say that, all though you did not gain another sale, you gained a loyal customer who will recommend others to you in the future. I agree and respect your judgement. You are a rare businessman in these times - honest!

Wow! Thanks for the quick reply . . . I really did not expect to hear from someone until the middle of next week at the earliest, especially with the holidays. Anyway, you made my decision easier -- I was definitely leaning towards the 4000. I plan to order one tonight or tomorrow morning -- through your web site of course! Thanks again, and Happy New Year!

I purchasd a Green Life juice extractor from you and it has performed perfectly.

I am enjoying the Champion Juicer which my wife obtained from you for me as a gift.

The unit arrived two days ago in perfect shape. Thank you very much for the extra service and courtesy you extended; it is truly appreciated. I'm forwarding news of your website to other family members in several States who should soon become your customers. Thanks again,
AS Brockton, MA

...the package arrived this morning - you guys are great - Thanks
TC Wichita  KS

Thanks, thats awesome, I will totally recommend you guys to my friends... Happy Holidays,
CW, Bryn Mawr PA

...your prices and selection are GREAT! I will be ordering a water distiller from you one day soon! God bless, and Happy Holidays!
-SQ, New Freeport, PA

...Thank you so much for your help and such an amazingly fast personal response (even on a Sunday!). I think I'll be ordering one for the holidays! Thank you again and have a great holiday season!
- BW

Yes, we got it (Omega 1000) & have already juiced 6 or 7 times. It's wonderful!
-DM, Colorado

I recently bought the L'EQUIP 221 Pulp Ejector, and was very satisfied with the product.
-JG, Bronx NY

Your guys site is awesome! Thanks for your time and your great juicer resource.
- BP

I didn't check my e-mail yesterday, but I got your message today letting me  know that you would be shipping my purchase immediately. I look forward to your product and appreciate your prompt and excellent  customer service. Best Regards, And Happy Holidays -
- EJA, Long Beach, CA

...excellent service. Have a great day!
- GS South Burlington, VT

I found your website to be really well designed, easy to navigate, and intelligently and attractively designed. (the low, low prices were an added plus!) Thanks for your speedy response...
TM Middletown, CA

I just discovered your web site and I think its great--what great information on juicing--keep up the good work
- CB New York

Thanks for your prompt response! I love doing business with your organization! I'm greatful
- AS Columbia, MD

I'd like to commend you on a very well-put-together site. I've read John Kohler's description of all the different juicers available and found it to be extremely thorough and helpful
- DC Pepperell MA

...I received my order today and I am glad that I bought the champion pro (commercial) model. Quiet, smooth and easy to clean! They sure make a good product. The only thing to go wrong would be the motor. I already made my first batch of juice. You have a great company and I am glad that I ran into you! Thanks and check out my site.
-MC, Ventura, CA

I received the juicer that I ordered just last Sunday, today. Very prompt service. Thanks very much. Good doing business with you
- JM, Highlands Ranch, CO

We recently purchased a Green Life juicer and LOVE it (had previously bought an Omega locally and returned it almost immediately)....    ...Thank you!!!
- CZ, Battleground, WA

I'm very new to all these equipments of the raw foods life style. I'm sure this will not be the last time I'll have to e-mail you about the products you sell.  I have bought so far 4 items and a few books from the rawfood web and happy with what I got.  Regards,
- SM, Pleasanton, CA

I just wanted to say that we recently ordered a juicer from you and I am amazed at how quickly and efficently we received our order! I am recommending your site to other people interested in buying a juicer!
- Cindy, Seattle, WA

Thank you! It arrived yesterday safe and sound (except for a minor scrape on the bottom of the door where you can't see it). It looks great..I can't wait to try it but I don't have any ripe bananas right now. Soon I hope. Thanks very much for all your advice and help.... Hope all is well with you, aloha,
DB Maui, Hawaii

Thank You for your prompt reply...  Anyway after much thought, and having gone through the FAQs, I decided on Omega 4000 and already placed an order. Thank you again for a "not-so-often-seen" customer service. :-)
- HL Spokane, WA

Your site is so power-packed with info!!... ....I've printed out a lot of the info I found here to use and I will certainly recommend you as a source of equipment. I am very happy with the green life I bought from you in May. I was on the verge of buying a Vita-Mix, but now I'm considering a Champ!! Best wishes,
- PL, Eugene Oregon

We received the (lequip) juicer yesterday. Thanks so much. It works wonderfully! Bob is a happy camper.
- KE Midlothian VA

Thanks for such an outstanding job on the (juicer) comparison!!!
- JP, West Hartford, CT

I wish to thank you for the prompt and speedy service that you and your staff gave us.  Both machines have arrived... (Green Life Juicer).  My wife Dora, juiced out some carrots and beets yesterday just to try out the machine. We were surprised at how sweet the juice tasted. She is very pleased with how it operates and is looking forward to doing some more juicing. We a lucky for now as all of the vegies that we are using now, are from our own garden. But today is the end of it as frost has done it's damage to all but the beets.  Again, Thank you for the prompt service. Yours truly
CB & DB, Lebanon , OR

Thank you for your quick response! What a pleasure dealing with a company that is so customer focused. Thanks again,
- CZ, Atlanta, GA

...We are anxious to receive your product and, by-the-way, I found you website extremely informative, well designed and competitively priced.
-LW, Long Beach, CA

Thank you for my wonderful Excaliber dehydrator! I have already produced some incredible crackers...   Thank you.
- JN, North Fayston VT

I just had my first encounter with the K-tec (Champ Blender) this morning, and I have to say that it is one powerful blender. It's a bit complecated with all the coding they have,but I'm sure I can manage to get used to it soon.... Have a wonderful day!
-SM, Pleasonton, CA

I just wanted to lt you guys know that we got an omega 4000 juicer and it does do citrus juice very well.. we used 3 oranges to get 12 ounces of orange juice from valencia oranges, it also does tomatoes.. I'm very happy with it, and I rated it on your site.
- Visitor from California

I have received my (excalibur) dehydrator and it is very, very similar to my 20+ year old original. I really appreciate you help.
JG, Mercer Island , WA

I received the Excalibur 2400 Tuesday and tried it out yesterday- made some excellent Beef Liver treats for my dogs. By doing it myself I got twice as much product for half the price of what I pay for 'gourmet' human grade treats- it's already starting to pay for itself!
Thanks again for your prompt responses to my phone and email inquiries, and getting the dehydrator to me so quickly. Sincerely,
-MV, Tuscon, AZ

I just wanted to let you know that I received the juicer in
Tennessee and brought it back home with me to Canada as planned. Thanks somuch for your efforts in getting it to me on time. God bless you.
GF, Canada

Received the new Juicer yesterday; it works great. Thanks again for all of your help. I'll keep your company in mind for any future purchases. Sincerely,
KS, Ormond Beach, FL

You have the best web site on Juicers thanks for the info.

That was so fast!!! I am very excited about my new juicer!!! Thank you so much for your prompt response. Your customer service as well as your website is great!!! Thanks for being so efficient! You guys are great!
- SL, Santa Monica, CA

The juicer is great! (Green Life Juicer)
- CH, Quinlan, TX

Hi, I just wanted to write a note of thanks for your wonderful website so packed w/ information on choosing a juicer. I have been reading, researching many sites while also price comparing. I finially decided to buy the Lequip Model 221. The best deal I found on the internet was $199 + free shipping + a free juicing book. Just a slight extra over your same price + free shipping. I started to buy there to get the book but your website by far had the most comprehensive and useful info on how to choose the right juicer for me and with that you have won my loyality and I just placed my order. So hats off to your hard work on this site and Thank you,
KD & VB, Charlotte NC

just wanted to let you know I got my Omega 4000 yesterday and love it!! Much, much quieter than the OTHER brand I had. Thank you for your prompt delivery; my body was starting to feel the effects of not having my morning glass of carrot juice!!!
-AW, Plantation FL

I recently received the two juicers I ordered. I am very pleased with the condition of the products and the fast turnaround time.
- AK

I'm glad your site exists. Your comparisons and evaluations of equipment are so helpful, and the sense of community incorporated throughout the design is comforting. I've bought a juicer and a dehydrator from you, and they've been a boon on my raw food path... Thanks,
- MM

Thank you for being so easy to communicate with. I worried that without phone communication I would feel left hanging, but this is actually easier than some companies phone service that have a million automated menus and you can't talk to a real person. I'm anxious to get the Omega 4000. Our Juiceman konked out after 16 months of regular use. It was good while it I want something more durable and long lasting. Thank you,
-MC Rochester, IN

By the way, I really loved your website, there was so much useful information on it, it's really the best one I have seen out there. I almost bought the Omega 8000 from somewhere else, but then luckily I found your site and learned that it would not juice fruits. I was about to waste $350, but thanks to you, I chose another juicer at a good price...
- VI, Clifton, NJ

...thanks for the quick reply...  Oh by the way, I have really enjoyed your web page, it has a lot of very useful info. I was actually gathering info for a friend at work and went from a juiceman II, to champion, and ended up buying a Green Life just because of reading through the info on your page.Thanks,
-SK, Plano, TX

Thanks for your help with my questions, and thanks for maintaining a fabulous website. I really appreciate all of the information and resources available to me from it!
-ST, San Francisco, CA

Received my new juicer today. I appreciate the prompt, professional service. Thank you.
- JH Olympia, WA

WOW! The juicer and sprouter arrived moments ago. I'm stunned!
Thank you!
- BH, Redondo Beach CA

Thank you. It has been a pleasure doing business with Living Foods. Your pre-sales support made all the difference! Keep up the great work.
JC Seattle, WA

...It has been good doing business with you; I will not hesitate to place another order with you in the future should we need one of your products.
- PD, Florida

I just wanted to say that I have been looking over the web for a good site to buy a juicer and  dehydrator and your site KICKS ASS. This is
one of the best sites I have seen. I love it. I have been in the web business for about 5 years and you have a great and easy to navigate
site. The information is incredible. You guys rock....Thank You
- DG Weston, FL

Thank you for the advisory. This is excellent customer service.
- PA Highpoint NC

I am really enjoying my Green Life juicer that I ordered from you a few weeks ago! Thanks a bunch!
- PM Sebastopol, CA

Got my Green Life Juicer so quickly--you received my order June 15 and I received my juicer June 23! Thank you for a wonderful website that helped me decide which juicer to buy! Just love it and the juice is wonderful. I had so many hesitations in ordering across the border but you made it so easy for me. Even with the exchange rate and customs payment, I saved over $100 ordering from you!
-DH Kelowna, BC, Canada

Really enjoying my Omega (4000). Its well built, juices well and cleans up  pretty easily.
- GL Tulsa, OK

I meant to thank you again for your superior customer service and to let you know that i did in fact receive the juicer last week and have been very pleased. thanks again,
- KR Waltham, MA

Picked it up yesterday (Chefs Juicer) at Post Office. It's as nice as we expected. Thanks Will keep in touch later.
- ML Calabasas, CA

I appreciate your advice and recommendations. I've certainly been pleased with your discountjuicer site and the service has been exceptional.
-JBT, Seattle, WA

I recieved my Greenlife juicer today. It is awesome. Thanks
- JC, Glouster , OH the way, the editorial content (product info) on your web site is just terrific.  In my limited web shopping experience, I have not come across another web site of any type that offered as much useful information.
- IR, Boston, MA

Thanks so much, I just ordered the Juiceman II. This is the best service I have ever experienced. Keep up the good work - I'll order more.
- VR, Wenatchee WA

I am impressed with how quickly you handled my order. Thanks for your  professional manner. I will definitely shop with you again and recommend your company (web-site) to friends. Thanks again,
- JC, Glouster MA

Thanx so much for your correspondences. I do appreciate the personal touch online. I'm excited to receive the dehydrator, and start using it! Life is becoming so exquisite, and I only expect to add to this as I use this tool to eat more raw! Blessings,
- ST, Madison WI

Thank you for responding and for the speed at which your company processed the order. It is a nice change to see a company serve the customer well. Best Regards,
- BH, St. Paul MN

I just want to add my name to your list of satisfied customers. The information on the website was very helpful. It helped me to choose the Green Life juicer I purchased. I could not be happier. It is an excellent juicer and a great choice for my needs. I sent an email to the customer service department while I was considering my options. I was concerned that the Green Life might take considerably longer to juice (and clean up)than the Juiceman II that I had been using for years. You folks got back to me within an hour (!) and gave me the info I needed. The juicing time is not a problem at all. Finally, I submitted my order yesterday and my juicer arrived today! I could hardly believe it. I guess it helps to live in California but still, that is unheard of turn-around time. (I suppose I should thank UPS also). Anyway, thanks so much. May God bless you.
-DH Pasadena , CA

Today  I received my Green Life Juicer (HOORAY!)  I'm delighted to have this product and look forward to MANY years of GREAT, HEALTHY Juices! ...and with thanks for your excellent prices!
-BJ, Delray Beach , FL

Thanks for the note. The order arrived late yesterday, all intact. I think you folks are doing a great job, very good service. Thanks.
- BB, Silver Spring, MD

Absolutely love my machine (Omega 4000)...   ...Thanks,
-JS Italy Texas

Yes Sir, you have certainly helped. I just needed to feel I was informed as much as possible about the product before making my purchase. It's just a way of establishing a sense of assurity as an informed consumer. From the information you've provided, I feel confident in my future juicing endeavors...   ...So again, with great gratitude, I thank you. I expect to make my order later today or sometime tomorrow.  Stay Blessed!!! }-) 
- CW

The juicer arrived safe + sound today. Much thanks.  No worries. Love the juicer (Omega 4000) and very happy doing business with you.
-TM Tokyo, Japan

Hope this finds you successful as ever and selling juicers by the dozens!! The juicer (green life) is fantastic and makes wonderful, tasteful juice. Thanks.
- BG Austin, TX

Book and juicer have both arrived -- thanks for the prompt handling
of the order!
- WK, Stallings, NC

Thanks for the great service. It is really appreciated. Regards,

hi! it actually did come today...for some reason my mailman left it at my neighbor's house. but she brought it over. thank you for replying, and thank you for getting everything here so quickly. i'm very excited!
- SB, Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you so much for your prompt reply, it is a pleasure doing business with your efficient company. Aloha~
- DM, Pahoa, HI

Yipppeeee! It should arrive today! Thanks John! You guys are faster than! I ordered serveral dehydrator books from them on Monday and they still haven't arrived and Amazon's here in Seattle!  Great job to all of you there...I appreciate the fantastic service!
- SD Mukilteo, WA

It was delivered yesterday! I came home and found it on the doorstep. Thank you for the reply, I wasn't sure if I would get one or not. I am extremely pleased with this process. I will give the juicer a test drive today! Pleased with the prices too!

I just wanted to drop a line to say "Thank You" for all your help. My wife and I are looking forward to using our juicer and book. Some friends of ours have a Champion Juicer (that they bought from you) and enjoy it very much. I will be glad to recommend your site to our other friends. Much Thanks,
-DB Lufkin, TX

I am very impressed at how quickly I received my juicer and am considering purchasing a second one as a gift for my mother - your site is wonderful, prices are great and speed of delivery makes a good impression! Thanks.
- CC whately, ma

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I am so glad to hear that you have very definite opinions between the Omega 4000 and the Lequip. I was leaning towards the Omega anyway (due to the fact that they have a good reputation), so that will be the one we order. Also thank you for pointing out that the citrus attachment does not work on the 4000 model. I am glad I asked. I love your web site, it is extremely informative and so were you in answering all my questions. I will probally put in our order sometime this next week...thanks again.
- aol user

Just wanted you to know that my juicer arrived last Thursday and we had our first glass of carrot juice on Easter morning. Thank you so much!
- KB Blackstone, MA

I just recieved my Green Label Wheatgrass juicer and I just wanted to say that I am delighted with its efficiency. I get much more juice from the same amount of grass than from my old juicer(Miracle Manual Wheatgrass Juicer). Thanks for a great product.
- DU  Tempe, AZ

Just completed my order for the Green Life Juicer. This was my first time to order anything online. I appreciated all the security information I was able to read about. I gave you as glowing a report on the survey as a novice can give. I trust it will benefit you in some way. Please know that I enjoyed conversing with you via email and am thankful to have someone like you in control of my first transaction.... Continued success to you. God Bless.
- BG Austin, TX

I want to thank you very much. I try to do a lot of homework, before making a decision. I've made a decision on the GreenLife juicer, because of all the info I've glommed from many sites, particularly yours. Because your info has helped me the most, I'd like to give you an idea that I haven't found mentioned anywhere. When I finally receive my Greenlife, I plan to use my Tilia Foodsaver II to remove all the air/oxygen from my juice, so that it will last even longer in mason jars, that I will take to work, or on the road. I hope you enjoy my suggestion.
- RH Louisville, KY

Thank you for faxing the receipt. Just thought I'd let you know that you know that you have very good service. This was my first experience purchasing on the internet, and it has been a positive one. Thanks! Sincerely,
- CR Lee's Summit , MO

Thanks again. I searched thru all the web pages with Juicers and yours was the most informative, and it looks like you guys generally care, so i will go thru you guys for all my future purchases.
- RL Oakley, CA

Thank you for your informative site regarding juicers. We used this information to purchase your reccomended Omega 4000 juicer to replace our recently purchased but underpowered Juiceman Jr. We were pleased with the price and the swift delivery. We have found that despite the higher rpm (5,400 vs. 3,600), bigger motor and larger basket, the noise level is much lower and shows no sign of slowing down under load. Thanks again,
- PW Tucson, AZ

...It was sitting on my porch when I got home and I've had juice twice already. I too work in customer service for an internet company, and I deal with my type ever day. I always say I'll never be like this or that idiot, but it's always a different story when your the one waiting, and like I said I've been looking forward to getting a juicer for a long time. Anyway, thanks again, you kids rock!
- CL Seattle, WA

Thanks for your reply. After much research, I have learned quite a bit about juicers! I was "hung up" on juicing fruits, and my husband said why don't you just eat the fruits! Gee, good idea. As of today's order, I am a proud owner of your Green Life Juicer (march special with the fruit attachment)! I can't wait to get started. Thank you again for your response.
- Tricia

...I  have had & used several juicers the L'EQUIP 221 is a very high quality Juicer that provides quality juice & is very user friendly. It does everything that the advertisement says. Yes you can put my testimony on your web site! Thank You again for developing a quality juicer!
SS- Pearland, TX

I just wanted to say that I am very, very pleased with the service that I have received from your company. My wife had been asking me for a champion juicer for quite some time. I became a member of the living foods web site and saw the deal and could not believe it. The deal was so good I purchased a sprouter too. We had tried to sprout with mason jars and did not have any luck, but when I viewed the video of your sprouter the rest was history. You all were very prompt when I requested my ups tracking # So I want to thank you all for a job well done and If anyone needs your products I will refer them to you. Thank you.
- DW  Houston, TX

Wow.....what a great site you guys have going!! I was amazed at the quality level of information you have on the types of juicers you sell, especially the comparison chart. Your site is also the most honest commercial site I've ever visited, from recommendations of products to shipping costs...your site is so rich, I spent over an hour reading, and just had to buy a juicer from you. Thanks so much!
- RS Seattle, WA

Hi, I ordered a Green Life juicer on Monday, February 28th, and here it is Friday, March 3rd, and it was delivered today! Thanks for your very quick service, of course I haven't even had the time yet to do anything but set it up, but I wanted to let you know how pleased I am that my order was processed so quickly. Thanks
- BJ Bedford, TX

Just a short note to thank you again for all your help in selecting our Omega juicer. We've been using it every day & love it! The juices we make are SO  good.  It's nice to know that there are still companies out there that give that little "extra" to customers.
- CE Highlands Ranch, CO

Jimmy Dee Crickets ! ! ! I hadn't yet finished doing all the shopping related to this purchase - I went to for three related books, and by the time I checked out, an e-mail answer to my question was already on my mail box. It's good there is no such thing as e-vertigo, otherwise I'd still be spinning - what service ! Thanks.
- AR Dallas, TX

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new juicer. I have very little money to spare, but I saved up to buy the GreenLife Juicer and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Being a full-time grad student leaves me with little time to fuss with cleaning and preparation, and with the GL I can juice enough for 2 or 3 days and it will stay tasting fresh and looking bright. Your informative website took me from basic information to in-depth, unbiased research to finally the best price possible for my choice. Not even to mention the exceptional customer service I received from John -- he answered all of my questions immediately. I look forward to doing business with you for my future health product purchases. Thank you!
- MF Ypsilanti, MI

Thanks for the reply. The package did arrive yesterday and was left with the apt mgr as you had thought. Your online store is exceptional. I was quite pleased that there was a comparison of the products and features.
- NG  Santa Clara, CA

We recently purchased an Omega 4000 and a Metrokane Spa Citrus juicer from your company . We have used each of them at least twice a day since we got them...and love them!! Thank you for such wonderful products and service.
-JS Des Moines, WA

My Waterwise 9000 distiller just arrived and it looks pretty cool. Thanks again for your help. Your website is a great resource. Take care and good health to you!
- MB Hunt Valley, MD

We received our Juiceman Yesterday! We are thrilled. Thanks for personal touch customer service. I look forward to doing business with you again when I can afford a dehydrator. Thanks
- BH American Fork, UT

I'm happy to report that I received all three packages yesterday and I'm tickled pink with my new toys!  ...Thanks for your help and I appreciate the timeliness with which you got my orders to me. I'll definitely be shopping with you some more. In fact, today I'll place an order for some extra filters for my distiller and probably another bottle as well. I really like your web site... keep up the good work! Cheers,
-WH San Jose, CA

Thank you so much for the quick response and the tracking number! It looks like my juicer may be on my UPS truck today! Your store is awesome, prices are incredible, and I am looking forward to doing more business with you! Thanks again,
-PW Dexter, MO

Despite all the negative press lately about on-line shopping, my experience shopping with Living Foods was good. I want to thank you for  the quick reply above. Our packages arrived safely and without any  problems. Happy New Year,
-HJL Houston, TX

Thank you for replying to my e-mail  with tracking  numbers. I tracked our package at UPS and it appears it will arrive in time as you said. This is our first year shopping online and we are pleased with your company's prices and service.
-DD  Evans Mills, NY

The product arrived today.  Many thanks for getting it here before Christmas. If you need a reference or distribution point in B.C be sure to let me know.
-GK, Kelowna, Britsh Columbia, CANADA

...Actually the juicer came about 5:00 yesterday afternoon and we've already put it to some good use. We have several friends converting to our diet and I'll make sure to recommend they come to you for the juicer since it was the best price I could find on the Internet.
RR, Duncanville, TX

I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with your site! I work for a large consulting company that does many e-commerce sites and I have never had a client that gave as much attention to product detail and information as your site does. I love how you have gone with a narrower product offering - providing questions and answers and videos on most products. This is what e-commerce is about!

I have some questions about the sprouter! (i got the waterwise9000 and the excaliber 9 tray and i just want you to know i could not be happier!) please give me a call as i would like to place my order today for more "stuff" !! thank you!
-MS Harrision, NJ

Thank you for the order update. I look forward to receiving the juicer. Checking out the website for your items, saved me approximately $100.00. Thank you.
-KK Salem, OR

Your site has much more information about juicers and their differences, which allowed me to make an informed decision. I would not have known, for example, that the 2-gear juicers were not as good for people who want to juice lots of fruits as well as veggies. No other site told me that (although I must confess, I didn't go to every site. There's so many out there.) The manufacturer's description alone just doesn't cut it. I thank you for your thoroughness.
-EJ Lawrence, KS

I received the filters to day completing our order. I love the juicer and I am very pleased with your company...
- DM Glendale, AZ

Thanks for all of your help. I appreciate it. Happy juicing and living well!
- ED Ferndale, WA

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving! I just ordered the GreenLife (from you)--am sure I'll be quite pleased. Your site is exceptionally thorough, organized, and informative--much appreciated....
-TM, Billings MT

I got my order yesterday (Excalibur 2400) and in 15 minutes I was drying   pears and peaches. This morning they were delicious. Thanks... ...I will be ordering more from you guys, mainly because of the personal  response you gave me to my concerns. It is great to actually realize someone is at the other end of those hypertext inserts.Thanks,
- JR Chesapeake , VA

Recieved the juicer - love it. Thank you for prompt service.
- DC Austin, TX

Also I would like to say I enjoyed the fact that I was allowed to learn so much about all the juicers (and even see them with the RealVideo clip). I was just looking for a place to get a Juiceman (which a friend of mine has had for almost a year). With all the information on your Web site I actually spent hours getting informed and looking at what my own needs really were. The heavier looking Omega with it's warranty swayed me toward it, but your recommendation helped me make the final choice. Thanks for all the information on your site.
-TG San Diego, CA

Thank you for the info. It is nice to have a specialty resource such as yours to make an informed decision. I am not aware of any other place quite like it on the web or in retail. When I originally started looking I had a lot of questions about the best product to purchase. The clerks at the local retail stores had little more information to offer than UH... I don't know.... After buying from your company I am certain I made the right decision. I look forward to using the Omega.
-LK Oak Creek, WI

The verdict is in. We love our (OrangeX Commercial) juicer. here are a couple of pics for you.  Last night we did 4 and 1/2 gallons of juice in masons jars. Still have a bunch to go ... Talk to you soon.
-KV  Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for the extremely quick response.  If the response was any quicker I would have received it before I sent it.   It is rare these days to find such prompt service. Maybe I have just been dealing with the wrong companies. You are a pleasure to deal with!
-DD Manchester, CT

I wanted to drop you a little note and say thank you.   My Omega 1000 juicer arrived very, very quickly and in perfect condition. I will definetly be ordering from you again. Thanks,
- RB  Desoto, TX

It has been a pleasure working with you. My experience at the web site was excellent, and your customer service has been unmatched in my personal experience. I have appreciated your prompt communication, and your willingness to alert me to a potential opportunity that included a savings is much appreciated. I will recommend you to all of my co workers and friends.  Thanks, and I hope to do business with you again soon,
- JS Oakland, CA

On september 18th, I placed  on your web site.  I promptly received my Green Life juicer within about a week and have been using it ever since. It is great!
- KD North Aurora, IL

My new Acme 6001 juicer arrived today. From my first juicing, it seemed to yield at least DOUBLE what my old Braun did and the juice quality was great -- not a piece of pulp in sight. Also, it's easy to use, easy to clean and very attractive and sturdy.
-ST Lakewood, CO

Thank your for your courteous prompt services. I am looking forward to receiving the order. With my best wishes for a successful business.
- VP San Jose, CA

Thanks a lot for all your help. I will have to tell my doctor that when he recommends his patients start juicing that they should get a good one to start with. I had stopped juicing with my old Braun that I got from Costco as it had to be cleaned after each glass of carrot juice and it was a pain in the butt. I always had to strain the juice and I could stop the motor with just a little pressure.  Anyway, right now I fell in love with the Omega 1000 and will recommend your site to my friends and doctor.
DH - Grapeview , WA

Received the (lequip) juicer this afternoon and anxious to start using it. Looks like a robot! Thank you for all the information you made available about juicers. Hallelujah Acres seemed to be the only place with information about them and they are pushing the Champion, of course. Then I started playing on the computer and found all your information. Again, thanks and God Bless. Sincerely,
JS - Lancaster, SC

I received my (green life) juicer, and I completely love it!   I have never seen a juicer this great! So glad I bought it. Thank you from me and my son, Keith!
MD - Nevada City, CA

I purchased my L'Equip through you. John was very helpful in this endeavor.  I just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the L'Equip juicer.  The ease of cleaning is wonderful. The whole process probably takes about 1 minute! It produces a fine quality of juice, too. I use it every day. Thanks again for your help! I look forward to several more years of juicing  with this great machine!
-KK Sacramento, CA

This is just to let you kow that the Green Life Juicer arrived today! Thanks for the prompt service. Still awaiting the dehydrator. A healthy autumn awaits! Thanks.
-CC New York, NY

Thanks --I got the juicer today, stopped for organic veggies on the way home, and I love my new juicer already. Thanks for the excellent  customer service, also. Good health,
-LT Tuscon, AZ

The juicer (Green Power) arrived last Friday and has worked wonderfully. The (Water Wise 9000) distiller arrived today and I'm "brewing" my first batch of water now; seems to be working fine. Thanks for all your help,
-WK Stallings, NC

Thank you for responding to my letter. The soft fruit attachment was indeed with my Green Life Juicer.  I saw one knob upon initial receipt of my order. I discovered the other adjusting knob (assembled in the unit) after unpacking the juicer. Of course, as covered by Murphy's Law and the Laws of the Universe,  I sent an e-mail to you after discovering my folly. On a side note, I am very pleased with the machine and the juice quality it produces.
-RD Garden City, MI

The package arrived in good condition. I am very pleased with the(green life) juicer. (I might add, that the vegetable juice, in the refrigerator, lasted 4+ days-- not the 3 mentioned on your web page. I went out and bought $10.00 worth of vegetables, juiced them and put them in bottles in the refrigerator. On the 4th day, they started getting a little brown. I am still testing one bottle (that's all I have left!) I am referring other people to your website. [Normally, I do not give  out recommendations, as I am putting my own reputation on the line-- but  I am pleased with your product and the speed that it arrived] Their  actions are theirs, but I have mentioned how pleased I am with the  product. I will undoubtedly order some other products from you again!
-VC, Clearlake Park, CA

I ordered an Omega Juicer from your company and just love it! I received it right before I was to have surgery and have been using it everyday. This is one appliance that I know I will use for the rest of my life (alone with my bodyslant). Your prices are great and the speedy service is greatly appreciated.
- AM, Washington,  DC

Great site. My mother has been using her blender as a juicer and I went to this site to research the benefits of juicing. Now that I see that she could get so much more out of the produce by juicing, I am going to pass this info on so that my parents can invest in a juicer.
- CM, Chicago, IL

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that in perusing your site, I have found it to be very beneficial. It is by far one of the best sights available for juicing information. I am going to be starting a juicing regime so I needed to  get the basics of what juicing entailed. Thanks to your very informative pages, I will be able to make sound decisions as to what kind of juicing machine to purchase. I am convinced that juicing is the more beneficial way to get the vitamins and nutrients I'll need to get my body in shape. Thank you! Sincerely,
- CG

I got my Champion juicer through your company and was very pleased with your service. Now my friend who owns a restaurant wants one, but he's not hooked up to the internet, so I am ordering for him, using my email address. I hope you don't mind. By the way, thank you for your excellent service!
- JM, New Orleans, LA

The (waring fiber mania) blender arrived today; so don't worry about finding the tracking number. I have only briefly tried it out, but it seems to work great. The motor is very powerful and it really churns up the ice cubes and fruit. Just what I wanted. I was tired of the cheap, underpowered machine that I was using....
- EB, Oak ridge, TN

Very pleased with the juicer and your great service!
- JN, Port Townsend , WA

Just thought I'd let you know that the (food) PANtrie arrived and I'm using it already. I really like it. Now to grow some wheatgrass. What a simple device and it hangs out of the way, too.
- PT, No. Ferrisburgh , VT

I received the JM2 (Juiceman 2) and the credit. Thanks again! Like I said before, your flexibility and willingness to find WIN-WIN represents premium customer service!
- BS, Lake Buena Vista , FL

We read your pages before purchacing our juicer and it helped us make a (I believe) wise choice. We purchased an Omega 8000 and it is wonderful. It's easy to clean and does a wonderful job of juicing. We juice the "ususal" in that, carrots, sweet potatoes, celery, beets, apples, pineapple, pears, oranges, sprouts, what have you. And the 8000 does a wonderful job on them all. I've recommended it to a lot of people. And in the mean time we gave our old juicer to my wife's parents and purchased one for my mom for Christmas. Give the gift that keeps on giving.  Thanks for your page and your information. May God continue to bless you in your efforts. In Him, Dave and Tammy
- DO & TO, Richmond, IN

Thank you for assisting me to purchase an Acme 5001 from your Company through the internet. It arrived at my home today in perfect condition. What a great way to conduct business!
- AS, Phoenix,AZ

...everything was delivered and we are enjoying them quite a bit. The juicer (green power) is everything you said it was and we are very happy with it. The (miracle) sprouter is working fine also, just about ready to harvest our first bunch of sprouts.
- CR, Roseville, CA

...I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for BOTH of your prompt replies to my e-mail questions. As I slowly build a working living foods kitchen, you guys will most definitely be my first choice for appliance purchases.   Thanks again. Best of Health,
- WC, Indianapolis, IN

...I will always recommend your website to anyone who is looking for information or products. You have made me a lifetime customer of your company. Thank You again,
- SC, Chicago, IL

...I should have mentioned to you how much I am enjoying the Omega juicer I bought thru your site! I've dropped about 15 pounds since going to a (mostly) raw diet. That wasn't my reason for the diet change, but it's a pleasant side benefit. I'm also very happy with the shower attachment.
- JS, Marietta , GA

The Green Power juicer is quite a magnificent machine! My daughter in particular is having a blast with it. Thanks for the good price!
- DW, Norton, MA

Thanks for the advice and processing of my order for the Wheeteena Marvel Green Juicer. It is a wonderful machine. Thanks.
- DD, Mattituck NY

...I got it this week thank you very much, I love it. (The Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer)
- DE, Faber VA

Thank you for your patience and help. The grinder came today, Wednesday, February 10. It works just fine. My electric one(k-tec), while loud, is wonderful. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I'll continue to recommend you to my friends who are looking for wheat grinders. Thanks again. Sincerely,
- DC, Nashua NH

I am thoroughly enjoying my (Green Power) juicer and would highly recommend that the hardbound book (Living with Green Power) be MANDATORY inclusion as the "translated" instructions leave a lot to be desired!
- LA, La Grande OR

I received my new Juiceman II jucer yesterday. It works great! Of the eight juicers I've owned it's the best. It's also the quietest. Thanks

I must compliment you in several areas:
1) You responded to my original email two days ago in less than 30 minutes.
2) You answered all of the questions that I had requested answers to. So many times Web masters do not read the email thoroughly and their answers seemed to be very "canned". You even gave me the toll-free number to the manufacturer.
3) You returned my phone call within one day. Your phone manner was good and I did not feel at all rushed....
4) Your WebSite is impressive. Very clear, informative, and easy to navigate through. It is quite obvious that you put forth a lot more knowledge and effort into marketing this business than anyone could've learned in college. It seems likely you are putting your talents to good use and helping thousands at the same time.
I hope you make a lot of money with this business. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and referring many others as well. - GC, Media PA

I bought a Juiceman II from the marketplace. I am very pleased with the quality of the unit, and the juice yield is very good (higher than my previous juicer). Also, the price at the marketplace is great! Thanks, John for the service you provide to the raw community! -TB, Berkeley CA

Thanks for the reply... Your quick response to my question shows a level of customer service that that is sadly lacking in many businesses.
- PG,Poplar Grove Il

My wife is most pleased with this shower filter and her hair shows it: this is for our other bathroom
- Lee, Ponte Vedra Beach FL

Yes, I received the juicer in just 5 business days!  I'm new to juicing so I have little reference for comparison, but I think this Green Life juicer is a quality machine that makes excellent juice. Thank you for offering these products on the internet at discount prices.
- JM,  Ellicott City MD

I received my second Juiceman II juicer from you in only a few days. Thanks for the quick service.  This second juicer is a Christmas present.  It's great to have a company on the internet like yours that I can trust and order from and get the product so quickly. I plan to order more of these juicers in the future as presents to others.
P.S.: The outer box my juicer was shipped in a box that said wheatgrass juicer on the outside. I thought I got the wrong product. Luckily I opened it up and found the Juiceman II juicer in it's orignal box inside. You might want to have the shippers cross out the old labels on the outside of the shipping containers.
- JM, Tempe AZ

...sorry not to have gotten back to you on my "problem" with the Waterwise. I talked to the people and within 3 days had replacement parts and everything is just GREAT!!!! Thanks for all your help, and I only have wonderful things to say about YOU/THEM/Waterwise 9000  May you and all your family and friends have a wonderful holiday season!!!
- Jim

"I purchased an Omega 8000 juicer. I am happy with the purchase and use it every day. It is pretty easy to clean, except for the base unit which requires q-tips and a toothbrush to try to reach the little spaces where pulp and juice accumulates. There are some design flaws, though. First, the unit where the pulp comes out is partially sealed, but not completely. Water gets in there when you wash it so you have to be careful to set it at an angle when drying so the water drains out. Second, I tried juicing apples and cranberries, with dismal results. The gears pulped the fruit, but would not pull the pulp through. I tried to work it through with the food pusher, but didn't have much luck. It just squished out around the pusher and came back up the hopper. I was stuck with a hopper full of applesauce. This is not a big problem for me because I have a seperate juicer that I will use for fruit, I just wanted to let you know so you may be able to warn people about its shortcomings. I love the way it sucks the leafy veggies into the hopper, though it works much better if you feed them in stem first, contrary to what the instructions say to do. It works fine on carrots, but you have to be fairly strong to get them through because you have to push HARD on the food pusher to get the gears to bite into them at all.
Once again, if I had to do it over, I'd still get the Omega 8000 because in spite of its shortcomings, I love the ease of cleaning it and the way it gets way more juice out of the veggies than the other types of juicers."
- P.H., Minneapolis MN

We got the Miracle Ultramatic MJ-7000 Juicer yesterday. We like it very much and it looks like it will suit our needs quite well. Thanks. When you and I talked on the phone I mentioned that we had an Oster juicer. For the last couple of days it had that "motor-burning-out" smell, so the new juicer arrived just in time.  In case you are interested we did a couple of tests to compare the two juicers. We took an accurate food scale and weighed out exactly one pound of carrots and juiced it in the Oster. We got about 10.25 ounces of carrot juice. With the new Miracle juicer we only got 8.25 ounces. At first I was a bit disappointed, then I drank a little of each. The Oster produced juice with considerably more pulp in it, which undoubtedly accounted for the added volume. Next we tried celery. This time the Miracle produced about 1/3 cup more juice than the Oster, and it was also much less pulpy. The pulp was much drier from the Miracle. This was very gratifying.  When we tried apples, we didn't even bother measuring. The Oster produced something closer to apple sauce than juice, but the Miracle made real juice.  By the way, when we talked on the phone I thought you said the Miracle had a one-piece blade and filter. It actually has one that looks like a larger version of the Oster--a separate blade and screen with plastic holding them together. Maybe they changed their design. Not a problem, however. It seems to work just fine. Next we are interested in a water purifier. I plan to look around on the Internet for information about the pros and cons of distilling vs. filtering. You'll probably hear from me again when we make a decision. Thanks for all your help with the juicer!!!
- Rick, Washington State

"I recently purchased a Champion juicer from you. The transaction was quick and easy and I received my juicer in a very timely manner. Keep up the great work!"
- M.D.,  Vashon Island WA

"just used the (Miracle MJ-550) wheatgrass juicer for the first time - am quite pleased with it. I juiced some wheatgrass, also the stem ends from a bunch of cilantro - made nice juice!!..  Thanks again!.. Will get to you later this month (or next) about a veggie juicer."
- T.B.,  Berkeley CA

"Im happy with the Green Power Juicer I ordered from you.."
- B.K, Glenview IL

"It (Champion Juicer) Came in today, looks like a real powerful unit. Thanks for sending it, best price on the market."
- R.M., Marshall TX

"We got the juicer...  We love the juicer. Believe it or not, it seems to give me more focus and determination. Can you believe that? I think that that has something to do with the massive infusion of green COLOR, which focuses me more on my heart chakra, or something along that line. And of course, I have much more energy."
- R.B., Colorado Springs CO

"One of the first things I did when I moved to California over ten years ago, was purchase a Champion juicer. Back then, I paid more for it than the price at offers it for today! In over a decade of making juices, black mission fig fudge, and banana ice cream it has served me faithfully and not required one penny of maintenance. It looks like it may well run forever! "
- D.K, Living Nutrition Health Education Center, Sebastopol, CA

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