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K-TEC Kitchen Mill

K-tec Kitchen Mill
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The Kitchen Mill is easy to use, easy to clean, compact for storage, and lightweight. The large capacity hopper and milling pan make grain grinding chores simple and fast. The Kitchen Mill is the first high speed "stoneless" flour mill that is small enough to easily store, yet big enough to do any home milling job.

The trouble with Stones
Stone mills often gum up, crack, chip, or glaze. They can leave grit in your flour. They are also generally hard to clean and can harbor bacteria which contaminates flour. They are heavy and hard to lift. Hardly a convenient appliance for the kitchen.

It's a better way to make flour
The patented stainless steel milling heads are self-cleaning during regular milling operations. The Kitchen Mill uses a computer balanced Micronetic Chamber to mill grain into flour. This same process is used in the pharmaceutical industry to create exact uniform particles for medicines. We made history by being the first manufacturer to bring the dependability of micronetics into the home for kitchen use.

How it makes flour
The milling chamber consists of two heads with concentric rows of stainless steel teeth. These teeth spin within each other at high speed, bursting the grain into the best flour you've ever used for baking. Simply select the texture you want, from coarse to very fine. The Kitchen Mill beautifully grinds all dry grains such as corn, wheat, rice, barley and oats. Oily soy beans mill into nutritious, high protein flour. Hard popcorn kernels are transformed into beautiful yellow cornmeal bursting with flavor.

Low temperature milling
The milling heads are not subject to particulate flaking as is common in aluminum silicate "stone" mills. The mill has no rubbing surfaces to create friction, get hot and wear out. Flour ground in the mill stays cooler and does not destroy valuable nutrients. This also prolongs the life of the mill, making your purchase a great long term investment in healthy eating.

Mills all grains
Just select the texture you want from course to very fine.  It beautifully mills all dry grains such as corn, wheat, rice, barley, and oats. Oily soy beans mill into a nutritious, high protein flour.  Hard popcorn kernals transform into a beautiful yellow flour bursting with flavor.

Unlocks high nutrition
The addition of whole grains to your diet is essential to vibrant, good health. Natural high fiber helps the body stay slim. Fresh milled flours contain the vitamins, minerals, and fiber so often lacking in today's diet.

Virtually indestructible.
It is made of only the finest materials by quality craftsmen. The milling pan is made of high impact Lexan (the same plastic used to make bullet proof glass). Pan capacity is approximately 24 cups. The milling chamber is self-cleaning and permanently lubricated with a 1.8 peak horsepower, energy saving motor. This dependable design is thoroughly proven and tested by over 100,000 satisfied customers and 15 years of research, engineering and quality refinements.

New Smaller Size
In its shipping carton, the Kitchen Mill weighs only 8 pounds. You can easily pick it up with one hand. When not in use, the flour pan inverts over the mill for easy storage. Storing dimensions are a compact 10" x 8" x 6".

Extended Warranty
The Kitchen Mill comes completely assembled and is protected by a 5 year warranty on the machine and a lifetime warranty on the milling heads. See why the Kitchen Mill is the standard of excellence for Home Flour Mills.

The K-Tec Mill will grind: Wheat, Barley, Black Eyed Peas, Rice, Millet, Peas, Oats, Soy Beans, Duram Wheat, Rye, Split Peas, Baby Lima Beans, Corn, Black Beans, Pinto Beans and Red Beans

The K-Tec Mill will not grind: Spices, Sugar, Oyster Shells, Nuts (all types), Poppy Seeds, Apricot Pits, Dried Fruits (including raisins and dates), Herbs, Dried Vegetables, Coffee Beans, Dolomite, peanuts, sesame seeds, tapioca, zylocaine, bee pollen, fructose, water, wood shavings.

K-TEC Kitchen Mill Features:

  • Made in USA
  • Grinds 1.5 lbs of wheat per min.
  • Grinds 90 lbs. an hour.
  • Large Capacity
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Handles all grains.
  • Attractive, Durable and Stores Easily
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • 8 Pounds

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