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SoloStar 3c Single Auger Juicer
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The solostar 3 Dual Stage Single Auger Juicer
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This item has been discontinued. We recommend the Solostar 4 instead.

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solostar2improved.gif (17700 bytes)The all new Solostar 3c is the upgraded Solostar 2. It is basically the same machine with stronger and BPA free parts. This practical low-rpm single auger juicer.

Unique dual-stage extraction process and larger single auger result in greater juice yields with less pulp mixed in the juice. The Solostar 3c INCLUDES a non-electric hand crank so you can juice with or without electricity.

Tribest’s new & improved SoloStar III with a larger auger and unique dual-stage juicing process, is the affordable way to obtain high-quality “juice bar” performance from an extremely efficient home juicer. 

solostar2augers.jpg (14495 bytes)In order to deliver more juice from your produce, the SoloStar’s auger is longer and heavier than its competitors. The auger effectively forces produce through the grinder while enhancing the SoloStar’s simplicity of operation.

solostar2dual.jpg (15983 bytes)SoloStar also utilizes a unique dual-stage process that extracts juice more efficiently than other single-auger juicers. It filters out juice during an initial crushing phase before it can be reabsorbed into the pulp, then squeezes the remaining pulp in a secondary pressing phase for maximum yield.  During the secondary pressing stage, the pulp is squeezed through a screen that has more surface area than any competitor, this may explain the higher yield produced in the solostar 3 Juicer.

The result is fresher, natural tasting, “live” juice from most fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, herbs, and grasses that you could ever want to juice. It also easily converts into a flat pasta or round noodle maker and mochi mill with the accessories included.

Solostar's low-speed Auger gently crushes and squeezes produce.  Because juice is not heated and mixed with oxygen in the process, the fragile vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes are preserved.   SoloStar delivers all the natural goodness and superior flavor that you demand from a top quality juicer.

Only the highest quality materials are used in the SoloStar's construction.    Its straightforward design and precise assembly insures trouble-free juicing for years.  SoloStar is UL & CE approved and meets our highest manufacturing standards.  The SoloStar is covered by a five-year warranty on parts and service.

Tribest Corporation has been world renowned for bringing you the Green Power, Green Life and Green Star juicers.  Now with the SoloStar, Tribest Corp. celebrates its 15th year of bringing you service, quality and value.  Tribest is committed to your satisfaction, and are proud to be of service.

BPA Free and Virtually BPA Free Logo

tribestlogo.jpg (21296 bytes)

The solostar 3 single auger juicer makes it affordable to obtain fresh, high quality, "live" juice.

Fruit and Vegetable Juicing
JuicesSoloStar's  II exclusive Dual-Stage juicing process is extemely efficient.  The ejected pulp is dryer than that from other juicers, which means you get more juice out of your produce.   Its extremely slow rotation speed ensures that the juice extracted with the solostar 3 is of the highest quality, and of the best flavor, with no heating of the juice.   Less oxidation of the juice can contribute to more of the living enzymes and nutrients being extracted intact.

Wheatgrass Juicing
soupssolostar 3 makes juicing wheatgrass, herbs and even pine needles quick and effortless.  Even the toughest to juice produce is easy with this machine.

pastasolostar 3 works great as a food processor.  Make your own nut butters, pates' and delicious sorbets right at home.   Sauces and baby food are easy to make, and are fresher and healthier than what you buy in the store, because you make it yourself at the time of consumption.  Eliminate preservatives and unwanted additives.  Many experts agree that we should increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Pasta Pressing
soups and dipsWith the included accessories, solostar 3 easily converts into a Pasta Presser.  Use your favorite ingredients to make your own fresh spaghetti or fettuccini type pasta noodles.  Add different juices to your pasta dough to enhance flavors, and create exciting new colors

mochi bread sticksGrind, chop or mince your favorite spices.  Save time by preparing garlic, pepper, onion, ginger, or any other spices with the solostar 3.  Less time in the kitchen means more time with your loved ones. (and we can all use more of that!)  Also works great with meat and fish.

Make delicious rice cakes with the solostar 3 in the comfort of your own kitchen.


  • 180 watts
  • about 4 hp w/ gear reduction
  • Extremely low 80 RPM juicer
  • Exclusive dual-stage juicing process
  • Maximum yield of juice
  • Virtually no heat is produced
  • 19" L x 9" W x 9" H 
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Juicer and parts are BPA FREE and Virtually BPA FREE
  • Includes Zstar Hand Crank Attachment
  • UL/CE listed
  • Model SS-9113
  • Multi-purpose wheatgrass, fruit, and vegetable juicer



Customer Reviews of this Product
Dangerous Under Pressure! August 19, 2014
Easy,Simple to use and clean August 31, 2015
Brittle Plastic Problems May 31, 2016
The front end of this machine blows off! June 26, 2020

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