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Automatic Sprouter Comparison Chart

Fresh Life Sprouter Fresh Life Sprouter with Extra Barrel EasyGreen Sprouter

FreshLife Sprouter

Fresh Life Kit

Easygreen sprouter

of unit
13.58" High
11.22" Long
20.35" High
11.22" Long

7" High
18" Wide
24" Long

Shape of Unit Cylindrical Cylindrical Rectangle
Total Growing Area 98.87 square inches 296.61 square inches 225 square inches
Cost per square inch $1.62 74 cents 1.02 cents
Growing Area dimensions 7.22" Diameter Circle 7.22" Diameter Circle 15" x 15" Square
Grows Hydroponically
(Using Water Only)
Can use soil in machine? NO NO YES
Oxygenates Sprouts NO NO YES
Recirculates Same Water YES YES NO
Requires bucket or sink to drain rinse water NO NO YES
Manual Fill YES YES YES
Automatic Fill NO NO OPTIONAL*
Uses Sprinkler System YES YES NO
Uses Misting System NO NO YES
Must Change Water Every 1-2 Days YES YES NO
Removable Growing Trays NO NO YES
Expandable? YES NO NO
Dishwasher Safe? No No YES
Replacement parts available? Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Length 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years
Where Manufactured Korea Korea China
YOUR PRICE $159.95 $219.93


RETAIL PRICE $179.95 $259.97.99 $239.80
SAVE $20.00 $40.04 $10.00

Frequently asked Questions about Automatic Sprouters:

How much is shipping? 
Shipping depends on the weight of the sprouter and your zip code.  To get an estimate, proceed to the web page of the item and enter your zip code in the space provided and click "go".   

What is the primary difference between the freshlife sprouter and the easygreen sprouter?
The easygreen sprouter uses a patented misting system that oxyigenates and mists the sprouts.  This has been shown to decrease growing time.  The Fresh Life simply has pump that pumps water and sprays it onto the sprouts.

Which sprouter do you prefer?
We prefer the easygreen sprouter.  It oxygenates the sprouts, which can decrease the growing time, it also does not recirculate the water, it is also easier to clean.

With either of these sprouters can I enjoy fresh sprouts every day? 
Yes, the easy green sprouter has been designed with 5 cartridges.  Basically you can fill one cartrdige with seed today, and the next cartridge tomorrow, and keep adding seeds the following day.  In just 5 days, the first cartridge will be ready, then refill that with seeds, then the 6th day, you will have the 2nd day's cartridge ready, etc, etc..  The Freshlife does not have the capability to do this.

Do you reccomend purchasing an automatic sprouter or using the sprout jar or sprout bag method?
It depends.  If you can handle the TLC (Tender Loving Care) of growing your sprouts manually, I would reccomend doing it, and not purchasing a automatic sprouter and investing in a good sprout book, that will explain how to grow sprouts.  If you don't have the time or want to grow a large quantity of sprouts, I would reccomend an automatic sprouter.

What is the difference in the quantity that a single easygreen cartridge will grow compared to a standard size sprout jar?
A cartridge should supply 4 to 6 coffee mugs of sprouts which is more then one standard sprout jar.

Do the automatic sprouters provide enough light?
The EasyGreen top is completely clear to provide enough natural light for all sprouts with the exception of green such as sunflower and wheatgrass. Greens require direct sun for 1 or 2 days in order to get good chlorophyll. Greens should be removed from the machine before maturity and placed in a sunny location for greening. All other sprouts are very sensitive to light and ambient light will suffice.

Can either automatic sprouter be hooked up to the plumbing so it will automatically fill?
The fresh life sprouter can NOT be hooked up to automatically fill.  The water MUST be changed every day or two.  There is an optional kit (available from the manufacturer) of the easygreen that can be purchased so you can hook it directly into a sink so it can automatically fill.  This is a kit that should be installed by a handyman or plumber, or a person experienced with DIY work.

Will either sprouter produce enough wheatgrass so I can juice a few ounces each  day?
No, neither  machine will not do that.The easygreen will produce about 6-10 ounces of juice every 9-10 days.  If you purchased several easygreen machines, you would be able to. At best, the easygreen on a "rotating" tray basis would produce from about a half ounce to almost a full ounce a day under optimal conditions.

Do you reccomend purchasing the easygreen sprouter or using the soil method for growing wheatgrass?
That would depend on how much wheatgrass you needed, and what kind of time you wanted to put into growing wheatgrass.  I believe that the easygreen makes growing wheatgrass much easier, but only one easygreen does not yield that much wheatgrass.  Growing in soil, is relatively cheap, and easy, but will take your time, care, and tender loving care.  If you do choose to grow in soil, I would reccomend a good book on wheatgrass that will help troubleshoot should you run into problems.   The book is: Wheatgrass: Nature's Finest Medicine, and available at present time at our book sale.    


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