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L'equip RPM BLENDER - 1100 Watts Max!
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Lequip RPM Blender model 228
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This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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Introducing the Lequip RPM Blender

In the same high style as its popular juicers, L’EQUIP® has introduced the new Model 228 R.P.M. Tachometer in Motor BaseBlender with unique tachometer showing operating speed. With a 1100-watt motor, this powerful blender offers variable speed control ranging from 500 R.P.M.s to 20,000 R.P.M.s. The tachometer is embedded in the brushed metal uniquely shaped block base. The blender features a German-designed stainless steel blade and shaft, heavy-duty BPA-Free Container, tamper, and funnel cone.

Does the Lequip 228 RPM Blender Make "Hot" Drinks, Ice Drinks and Grind Nuts and Seeds?

Yes, it will. Please find instructions below.

Hot Drink Instructions
Hot drinks such as soups can be prepared in your blender. Since liquids over 100°F (38°C) can scald skin and cause burns and blisters, please take the following precautions:

  1. Never look directly into the blender while the motor is running.
  2. Always use the rubber lid on top of the container when working with hot liquids. Leave the hole in the cover open to allow for the escape of hot, expanding gases.
  3. Blend no more than 8 ounces of hot liquids at a given time.
  4. Always start the blender at low speed and increase RPM slowly after careful monitoring.

Ice Drink Instructions
Some of the nicest drinks you can make with your R.P.M. Blender #228 are frozen fruit drinks. Here are the general instructions:

  1. Start by adding the liquid first, whether it be milk, juice, or water. Try to always keep the liquid level at the top of the blade.
  2. Cover the container securely with the rubber lid with the open hole.
  3. Start the motor turning at low speed.
  4. Add the ice or frozen fruit piece by piece through hole in the top of the lid.
  5. Increase speed gradually as high as necessary to crush the frozen ingredients.
  6. Blend for only a short time. Too much blending creates friction that melts the ingredients.
  7. Achieve proper milk shake or ice cream consistency by balancing the liquid and frozen ingredients.

    Thick Drink Tamper Instructions
    The tamper is used to stir thick shakes and ice drinks, purée vegetable soups, and maintain circulation by pushing ingredients into the blades and eliminating air pockets. It is designed to prevent any contact with the blades. If circulation stops, angle the tamper to any side of the container and slightly increase the liquid ingredients. Do not use the tamper when the container is more than two-thirds full.

    Grinding Coffee Beans and Nuts

Grinding Coffee Beans and Nuts
Your R.P.M. Blender #228 will grind coffee beans, all nuts, and seeds. For small seeds such as sesame or flax (linseed) seeds, add only enough seeds to come up to the blades. Try not to cover the blades. Excessive amounts of small seeds can stress your blender. For coffee beans or large nuts such as cashews, add one cup at a time. Place the fully closed cover on the container and blend at half, then full speed if necessary. Use the resulting grinds and powders in your application or recipe.

Lequip Logo

Features and Specifications:

  • 1 Horsepower
  • 1100 watts max
  • 500-20,000 revolutions per minute.
  • Black motor base with rubber container pad.
  • Variable speed knob with + and - markings.
  • On/Off toggle switch.
  • Eastman Tritan BPA-Free CoPolymer blending container with 1.75 liter or 7 cup capacity. Container positions on base at any angle and is dishwasher safe.
  • 100% Stainless steel blades and shaft. Replaceable.
  • Black rubber zero leakage lid and insert plug.
  • Funnel cone for adding oils, tinctures, and syrups.
  • Ratings: UL/CUL for 120 volt
  • Three foot power cord with a 3-prong grounding type plug.
  • Special Food Tamper
  • 5 Year Warranty on Motor/Electronics and Base.
  • 1 Year Warranty on Container
  • ETL Certified for USA and Canada
  • Size: 15" x 11" x 10"

blender_illustration.gif (3434 bytes)

The lequip RPM Blender is a much better blender than your standard household blender.  We are now offering the newly improved and upgraded Lequip RPM blender with a redesigned blade and bearing assembly that will last 25% longer.


Need further information about this product?  Click here to view the manual for this blender.

Buy a Lequip and Plant a Tree

Lequip Logo

Customer Reviews of this Product
Great Blender March 3, 2004
Pretty Good March 12, 2004
Carafe breaks August 28, 2004
Pitcher was defective! September 24, 2004
Solid, practical, powerful October 9, 2004
Power, reliability December 11, 2004
Exactly What I Was Loking For.... December 21, 2004
Best for the money! January 17, 2005
Powerful and Easy to Clean February 23, 2005
Used twice and quit March 2, 2005
Not that great May 24, 2005
New and Burning June 24, 2005
Nothing's perfect September 23, 2005
review April 8, 2006
Absolutely the best blender May 25, 2006
Best in Class for Price January 1, 2008
Best Value Hands Down February 20, 2008
Update October 6, 2008

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