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Green Life Juice Extractor (Model GL-2000i)
Includes FREE $19.99 value 74 minute instruction video!

The Green Life Juicer with TWIN GEAR technology.  Click image to enlarge.
Click on image to enlarge

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Tribest, the manufacturer of the Green Life, Green Power and Green Star juicers has discontinued the Green Life Juicer.  The Green Star Juicer is the exact same machine which also includes the pasta and mochi maker. Click here to view the new Green Star Model.

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Green Life has exactly the same capability and features as the Green Power model, including magnetic and bioceramic technology, but with a stronger, more compact housing.  Only some of the extra attachments, like the Mochi Maker, and the Pasta Maker are now optional accessories to enhance affordability.  The Green Life juicer is 3 machines in 1.  The Green Power Juice is still available with mochi and pasta makers included, which makes it 5 machines in 1.


1. Minimizing Loss of Nutrition
Other juicers and blenders with fast rotating blades can destroy a substantial amount of nutrients in fruits and vegetables due to the heat during the operation of the machine. With your GREEN LIFE juice extractor, you can minimize the loss of nutrients.

Because GREEN LIFE juice extractor has the unique triturating twin gear feature which is an impeller press system, its powerful low r.p.m Turning speed generates virtually no heat to your juice and thoroughly crushes and presses fruits and vegetables, instead of cutting and shredding them into small pieces.

2. Clean and pure juice

It separates pure juice from harmful pesticides and heavy metals which might be present on fruits or vegetables.

3. Capable of juicing leafy vegetables with tough fiber.

Most herbs and leafy vegetables with tough fiber are difficult or nearly impossible to juice with other juicers or blenders. Now from the moment you start using GREEN LIFE juice extractor, you can easily juice these including wheat grass.

4. Magnetic and bio-ceramic technology
GREEN LIFE uses strong magnets and a bio-ceramic material in its twin-gear system to produce fresher juice which can be stored for a longer period of time: some people report storing the juice for up to 48 hours in the refrigerator because of delayed oxidation.

5. Reduced operational noise
GREEN LIFE juice extractor is very quiet when in use.

6. Automatic pulp ejection
The impeller press system of twin gear enables you to enjoy continuous juicing.

7. Easy to clean
You can easily disassemble this machine for cleaning with the brush included in each box.

greentwin.jpg (10749 bytes)
Powerful triturating action of TWIN GEAR cuts and juices almost all vegetables including carrots, celery, leafy vegetables and wheat grass. The new TWIN GEAR system incorporates magnetic and bio-ceramic technologies which enables juices made in the GREEN LIFE to be stored longer, without losing health building benefits. The patented Pocket Recess of the TWIN GEAR easily guides tough, fibrous vegetables and herbs into the juicing area between the two gears. There are three cutting points on the TWIN GEAR, set to cut stringy fibers into small pieces, preventing a machine jam, which often occurs with ordinary dual
gear juicers.

The GREEN LIFE juice extractor, with its uniquely engineered design has been assembled using the highest quality materials and workmanship for your maximum health and juicing pleasure

Green Power, Green Life, Green Star?   Want to know which to buy?

Click here to compare all
the twin gear juicers


Need further information about this product?  Click here to view the manual or instructions for this juicer.

Click here for further information

Juicing enters the 21st century:

juices with a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
orange.gif (5974 bytes)- carrots
- apples
- beets
- celery

juices wheat grass, herbs, sprouts and other leafy greens.

green.gif (6958 bytes)- cereal grasses
- parsley
- kale
- spinach
- alfalfa

homogenizes, makes baby food, nut butters, frozen fruit sorbet and more!

makes Japanese rice cake (mochi), bread sticks and cookies.

greenlifepasta.gif (11373 bytes)makes pasta in 2 different shapes.



Standard (INCLUDED)
- Fine Screen

- Coarse Screen
- Homogenizing Blank
- Juice Pitcher
- Cleaning Brush
- Plastic Plunger

- Wooden Plunger
- Strainer

greenlifecom.gif (25993 bytes)
(Green Life Shown with optional accessories)

- Mochi Maker (Blank & Guide)
- Pasta Maker (Screen, Screw & Guide)

Special Features of the Green Life Juice Extractor

1. Super twin gear triturating and squeezing power, equivalent to 4HP.
2. One-step continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection.
3. Juices all vegetables and fruits.
4. Juice can be stored in a refrigerator long periods of time without losing nutritional value.
5. Heavy duty construction using highest quality materials.
6. Ejected pulp is dry indicating maximum juice extraction.
7. Make wheat grass juice, herb juices, baby foods, nut butters, pastas*,
mochi* (Japanese rice cake), and an interesting variety of other delicious food.
8. Easy to disassemble/assemble and clean.
9. 110 rpm rotational speed for low heat and noise.
10. Reverse turning safety feature.
11. Built-in convenience cord storage.
12. Carrying handle for easy relocation of the machine

* Optional Parts may be purchased separately.

12" high x 6.5" wide x 18.5" long
built in carry handle
built in cord storage
110 rpm turning speed
190 watts  60 hertz 120 volts

5 year warranty on entire unit. 

Green Life / Green Power Video Cassette, yours free for a limited time

When you purchase the Green Life Juicer from us, we will also include a 74 minute instruction video to get you aquainted with your new purchase.

This is a $19.99 value, we are the first to offer this instructional video with the juicer FREE! Click here for further information on the video.

pickOf all the twin gear juicers we sell, we prefer the  Green Star Juicer due to their stronger and compact housing, excellent leafy green vegetable juicing capability and 5 year warranty.

Green Life Juicer - taken apart
The Green Life Juicer Taken Apart

Green Life Included Attachments
Green Life Included Parts/Attachments

Green Life OPTIONAL (not included parts)- available separately.
Green Life OPTIONAL (not included) Attachments. (available here)

Customer Reviews of this Product
Odd looking, but great-tasting juice November 30, 2000
No Comparison December 14, 2000
pulp vs. foam is a problem. January 8, 2001
Superlative Product January 31, 2001
Great Juicer February 13, 2001
serious juicer February 23, 2001
Terrific Juicer May 15, 2001
Good juicer August 10, 2001
Easy Use September 6, 2001
The most juice!! September 24, 2001
Perfect October 12, 2001
darn good juicer November 8, 2001
outstanding machine February 15, 2002
Green Life juicer March 10, 2002
unbelievable! December 28, 2003
Durable May 26, 2005
Juicer August 29, 2006
Great Juicer & Nut Butter Maker February 2, 2008
Great Juicer January 7, 2009
Great Juicer April 18, 2009
STILL GOING STRONG!!! December 15, 2012
Weak Point of Juicer February 15, 2013

Click to watch a VIDEO demonstration of some of the products we offer!

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